“A proper understanding of the essential unity of
religions is the most effective and powerful factor in bringing about peace
in this world. It will remove all superficial differences and conflicts,
which create restlessness, discord and quarrels. “

– Swami Sivananda

Articles are by Swami Sivananda unless otherwise stated.

  1. The Unity That Underlies All Religions
  2. My Religion, Its Technique and Dissemination
  3. On the Question of Correct Approach to God by Swami Krishnananda.
  4. Religious Freedom. Swami Venkatesananda on how Swami Sivananda “Adapts, Adjusts and Accomodates” people with differing religious viewpoints.
  5. Authentic Religion By Swami Chidananda.
  6. What Is Religion? By Swami Krishnananda.
  7. Yoga and Christianity By Swami Chidananda.
  8. Hinduism
  9. Buddhism
  10. Jainism
  11. Judaism
  12. Christianity
  13. The Spiritual Significance of Ramzan by Swami Chidananda
  14. Sufism
  15. Zoroastrianism
  16. Taoism
  17. Confucianism
  18. Shintoism
  19. Spiritual Calendar
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