Glory of Lord Jagannatha (Part 2)
  • Glory of Lord Jagannatha (Part 2)

Glory of Lord Jagannatha (Part 2)


Lord Jagannatha of Puri who is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Being, is the Presiding Deity of the people of Orissa, in India. Puri has been one of the four Dhamas or Abodes of the Divine in India on account of the Divine Presence of Lord Jagannatha. The Deity is in wooden form and is known as Darubrahma, or the Supreme Reality manifested in wooden form. Sri Purushottama (Jagannatha) Kshetra Mahatmya contained in Skanda Mahapurana of Sage Vyasa gives a detailed account of the manifestation of the Lord and the circumstances leading to it. The present Book is an English translation of the original work which is in Sanskrit. It delineates the glories of Lord Jagannatha, and depicts in detail the festivals connected with the Lord, and the various other aspects, highlighting their importance and value. The primary purpose of the Lord's manifestation and Presence there is to grant to mankind Supreme Liberation by destroying sins, removing all sorrow, conferring incessant bliss and bestowing freedom from worldly existence with all its attendant misery. A study of the Book new be of immense benefit as it makes one's life holy and sublime, draws the Lord's blessings and paves the way for Supreme Blessedness.

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Glory of Lord Jagannatha (Part 2)