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Welcome to The Divine Life Society's online bookstore. Swami Sivanandaji, founder of this institution, has written more than 300 books on a myriad of subjects. To read Swamiji's works is to drink at the Fountain of Wisdom Supreme. We invite you to browse through our bookstore and hope that you will find something that resonates with your innermost being. Swami Sivanandaji laid great emphasis on the dissemination of spiritual knowledge as illustrated in the following anecdote.

Gift of Divine Knowledge

The Master (Swami Sivananda) attached so much importance to this work of dissemination of spiritual knowledge that even when there was a financial crisis in the Ashram, he refused to slow down the tempo of work on the publication side. He was willing to shut down the kitchen but not the press.

“We can all go to the alms-house and live on alms,” he would say, “but the Jnana Yajna must go on.”

In 1949, the budgetary position of the Ashram became too tight and some inmates had to be asked to leave. Still the Master would not economise on book production.

“To me the publication and distribution of books is of the greatest necessity,” he said. “All other works have a secondary value.”

About money required for mailing the free copies, he remarked, “If there is no money for postage, we shall keep all the almirahs open and let visitors and pilgrims take whatever they want.”

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Some of our books are available freely at: http://www.dlsebooks.org/