Tantra Yoga, Nada Yoga and Kriya Yoga

by Swami Sivananda

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Book Code: ES179
xvi+192 pages
ISBN: 8170520428
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Table of Contents

About This Book (Back Cover)  
Introduction vii


Tantra Yoga 3
Sakti Yoga Philosophy – I 6
Sakti Yoga Philosophy – II 12
Mother Worship 16
Ananda Lahari 20
Classification of Aspirants 24
Guru and Diksha 25
Sadhana 26
Tapas 28
Vrata 29
Siddhi 30
Rules for the Worship of Parasakti 31
The Pancha Tattva 36
Upachara 38
Yantra 39
Chakra Puja 39
Manasic Puja 40
Bhava in Worship 41
Mantra Yoga 42
Bija-Aksharas 48
Sri Vidya 52
Symposium on Sakti 55


Influence of Sound on Mind 120
Glory of Nadanusandhanam 120
Nada Yoga 122
Goal of Life 123
Power of Sound 124
Sound and Brahman 126
Anahata Sound 127
Sound and Image 132
The Four Stages of Sound 136
What Is Nada? 137
Nada, Bindu and Kala 137
Dhvani 138
Nadanusandhanam 139
Release or Moksha 141
The Sacred Pranava 142
Nada-Bindu Upanishad 144
Tyagaraja on Nadopasana 156
Musico-Therapy 159


Tapas 162
Svadhyaya 166
Isvarapranidhana 167
Secret of Surrender 169
Self-Surrender 173
Shatkriyas In Hatha Yoga 176
Pranayama 181
Concentration 184
Meditation 187
Samadhi 190

About This Book

Tantra Sadhana includes the recitation of Mantras, performance of rituals through Yantras and an adjustment of oneself to the particular degree of reality, which is the specific meaning of Tantra. In this process, one has to learn many minor details directly from the Guru. The purification of the body, the mind and one’s social relations, are all important preparations for the Sadhana. The usual Shodasopachara-Puja or the sixteen-limbed worship addressed to a Deity, is also the procedure applicable to anything and everything that one adores, regards or loves. By worship, one seeks union with the Deity through an abolition of the separation of oneself from the Deity. The mysterious processes called Nyasa (Anga-Nyasa and Kara-Nyasa) are, again, inward techniques of feeling the object in oneself, the Deity in one’s own being. All this would make it abundantly clear that the Tantra Sadhana is as highly scientific and precise, as it is difficult and dangerous. This is its specialty.

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