Gems of Prayers
  • Gems of Prayers

Gems of Prayers


A popular book on Prayers which generates good spiritual currents and produces tranquillity of the mind. Recommended for every sincere seeker.

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Prayer is the effort of man to commune with the Lord. Prayer is a mighty spiritual force. Prayer elevates the mind. It fills the mind with purity. It is associated with the praise of God.

When we pray, we are in tune with the Infinite, we link ourselves with the inexhaustible cosmic powerhouse of energy and thus draw power, energy, light and strength from him.

Even when the medical board has pronounced a case to be hopeless, Prayer comes to the rescue and the patient is miraculously cured.

He who prays regularly has already started the spiritual journey towards the domain of everlasting peace and perennial joy.

Do not pray for the attainment of any selfish ends or mundane gifts. Pray for His mercy. Pray for divine light, purity and spiritual guidance, and thus prayer will generate good spiritual currents and will produce tranquility of the mind.


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