Sivananda Day to Day
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Sivananda Day to Day

There have been many chroniclers who faithfully recorded whatever Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj had said or spoken either in Satsangas, or while holding audiences. or while attending to the official work, or while even walking with devotees or disciples - irrespective of what the venue was. Any situation was perfect for the flow of wisdom from his holy lips. Volumes have been filled with such conversations and they all go by the title "Sivananda: Day-to-Day." Subsequently, some of them have appeared under the title "The Gospel of Swami Sivananda." This book is one such attempt by the late Swami Santanandaji Maharaj who happened to be in the Ashram's administration for some time besides being in personal service of Gurudev.

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Sivananda Day to Day