World Peace

by Swami Sivananda

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Paperback: 167 pages
ISBN: 81-7052-211-0
Book Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.38 inches
Shipping Weight: 200 grams

Table of Contents

About This Book (Back Cover)  
Message of Peace 6
World peace 15
Self-realisation: the basis of world Solidarity 18
World peace and welfare 25
Sure recipe for world peace 31
It is high time now: Behold the Self in all 34
Unity in diversity 37
The need of the hour 39
Meditate and bring peace to the world 40
Message of peace 42
Gospel of peace 47
Peace–I 50
Peace–II 52
Peace of mind 54
Inner peace 57
Happiness for all 59
Aids to peace 63
Joyous life in the world of woes 67
The path to the pure delight 69
Path to eternal bliss (a letter) 71
Enjoy the abiding peace (a letter) 72
Secret of equipoise 73
Gaze inward 75
Happiness is within–I 77
Happiness is within–II 79
Defects of sensual life 84
Pleasure and pain 85
Bliss absolute 89
Bliss, Immortality and Freedom 91
Way to peace 93
Foundations of peace 94
Secret of happiness 96
Way to Happiness 99
Aids to peace 100
Path to peace 102
Way to bliss 103
Bhuma alone is bliss 105
Recipe for eternal life 107
The key to happiness: oneness of living 110
Philosophy of pain and suffering 112
Way to peace and bliss 113
The golden era is at hand 117
Peace through non-attachment 119
Contentment 124
Adaptability, a means to peace 128
Universal love, the fountain of peace 131
Now I abide in peace 134
Prayer for word-peace 135


Means for world peace 139
Way to world peace 139
To the Governments of the World
(Master-key to world peace)
Stop war 141
Stop all wars 141
The cementing force 142
I have come to reconcile 142
I have a message 143
Peace chant 143
Vedanta solves all problems 144
Vedanta for world peace 144
World peace 145
Third world war 145
Live in boundary-less realm 146
Heaven in your heart 147
Peace is divine 147
Hidden river of bliss 148
Have inner spiritual life 149
Who is really happy? 149
Live in peace 150
Remember God ceaselessly 151
Recipe for peace–I 151
Recipe for peace–II 152
Way to bliss 152
How to get eternal bliss? 155
Find the ultimate peace 156
Happiness is only in Atma 156
Desire brings pain 157
Sensual pleasure and spiritual ecstasy 157
Path to peace 158
Enemies of eternal peace 158
Money and peace 159
The triple gem 159
Way to beatitude 160
Be balanced 160
War and peace 161


Way to peace, according to Gita 162
Cause of pain, according to Gita 166

About This Book

Only one who has found peace within himself can possibly be trusted to lead mankind to peace! The restless social and political leaders of the world, hankering after power, position, prestige, name and fame, how can they show the way to Peace unless they themselves sit at the divine feet of a Man-of-God and imbibe the Peace that flows from his Presence?

Sage Sivananda is full of compassion and does not wait to be approached, to give our leaders initiation into the technique of achieving inward peace. His “secrets” are broadcast to the whole world instantly. This book is the result.

This volume is meant for those who aspire for peace within themselves and who would promote world peace–who would not? It is the Publishers’ Prayer that it will prove to be a timely guide to save mankind from wars, riots and ill-will, and man from disharmony and discord.

(71st Birthday Message)

All the problems facing mankind today hinge round Peace. Given the secret of securing peace, man will be able to build up a sane civilisation, prosperous society, happy home, and intelligent individual.

Groping blindfolded in the dark, man lays hold only on a series of destructive media–the atomic bomb, the most “effective” ways of using them, and the hateful ideologies of political self-aggrandisement, economic monopoly, national glory and individual power.

The “peace” that prevails today is the peace of fear and the peace of preparation. Ignoring the sincere advice of men of wisdom, the great nations of the world are intent upon demonstrating their destructive strength. That way lies war, not peace.

Peoples belonging to different religions, different nations, and different classes or castes, stir up jealousy, ill-will and hatred towards others, in the fair name of religion, patriotism, and various other ‘isms’. Forgetting for the moment that what divisions exist in the structure of society today are there for the convenience of Man and for the promotion of commonweal.

This disharmony arises in the heart of man, infects the household first and gradually spreads to the society, and then the nation and the world at large. No amount of readjustment of the social structure and revolutionisation of political set-up will bring permanent peace. Even where these are necessary they should spring from the heart of man, for the sake of humanity.

Peace is the nature of the innermost Self of man Shanto Ayam Atma: He who even strives to realise this Self, who has begun to direct his attention towards this Self, enjoys this peace that prevails in the Self. Even as the nuclear explosion spreads destructions for miles around, this superphenomenal experience of the Peace of the Self generates the powerful current of Peace that dispels the darkness of ignorance and disharmony from the heart of everyone who attunes oneself to the Yogi of such experience. Even a few Yogins of Inner Spiritual Experience of Self-realisation can transform the whole world and bring peace, plenty and prosperity. For, millions devoted to them will share the spiritual treasures acquired by them. They will begin to feel that the One Self dwells in all. One Life lives in all, and One Cosmic Will expresses Itself through countless beings. They will begin to see that all distinctions are man-made and that all boundaries are imaginary. They will begin to think in terms of humanity, to practise the universal religion of cosmic love. This is the road to peace.

Therefore, turn the gaze within. Shut the doors of the senses. Restrain the turbulent mind. Slay the doubting intellect. Fill your heart with the nectar of faith and devotion. Serve humanity selflessly. Do Japa. Concentrate. Meditate. Pray and wait. Seek the Peace within. Realise the Self. Shine as a Yogi, the greatest benefactor of humanity. May God bless you all with health, long life, peace, prosperity and Self-realisation.

Swami Sivananda


Now Ashramas are run by Sannyasins,
Vairagees, Bhaktas and Yogis alone.
There are only a very few Ashramas.
Their activities are limited for lack of funds.

If governments take up this work,
We can have Ashramas in each district.
There will be peace and plenty everywhere.
Satya Yuga will dawn.

India will rise again to its original spiritual glory.
We will have abundant Yajnavalkyas,
Nachiketas, Sadasiva Brahman, Dattatreyas,
Gargees, Madalasas, Sulabhas.

O Premiers! Wake up, wake up!
Kindly take up this work immediately.
This is the dire need of the hour.
You are building up new towns;
Build Yoga-Vedantic Ashramas and universities.

Wake up UNO, UNESCO and O-es and Co-es,
Wake up all scientists, educationists, culturists,
Train Yogis, Vedantis, Bhaktas and Karma Yogis,
Here lies the Master Key for World Peace,
Highest Culture and Supreme Civilisation.


War is the highest barbarism.
It is the most horrible crime.
It is monstrous and horrible villainy.
It is man’s crowning stupidity.
It leads to disaster and destruction.

O Scientists! Abandon bomb manufacturing.
Try sincerely to make peace among nations.
O Dictators! O Presidents!
Attempt to effect world peace.

You will not gain anything through wars.
You have rejected the Sermon on the Mount.
You preach against religion and God.
This is indeed a grave blunder.

Establish Yoga-Vedanta Centres everywhere.
You have too many scientists;
You have too few men of God.
Invite Yogis and Sannyasins from India;
They will guide you and show you the way to PEACE.


War is due to ignorance,
Delusion, and lust for power
War is brutality, bestiality, barbarism.
War is moral and spiritual bankruptcy.
Abandon war-mongering.
War is destruction and hell.
Cultivate love, understanding and compassion.
Become a lover of peace.
Establish peace and goodwill on this earth.
Practise Ahimsa or non-violence.


There is chaos and turmoil in the world.
There is lack of tolerance.
There is lack of accommodation.
There is international conflict.
There are ideological differences.
The teachings of saints alone
Will serve as a beacon light now.
Saints alone can cement everything,
And bring peace and harmony in this world.


I am a peace-maker.
I have come to reconcile.
I belong to the brotherhood of all.
I disseminate the message of love and peace,
The message of unity and goodness.
I sing the song of oneness,
The song of “Be good, do good”,
The song of “Soham, Sivoham,
Satchidananda Swaroopoham.”


I have turned away
From the wealth of the world.
I have a mission,
A great task before me.
In my heart
There is a mighty flame.
I spread the message
Of brotherhood, peace and love.

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