What the River Has Taught Me

by N. Ananthanarayanan

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viii+180 pages
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Table of Contents

Publishers’ Note iii
What the River Has Taught Me 1
Are You a Spiritual Seeker? 6
Why Do Sadhana? 12
Good Life and God-life 20
Theory and Practice in Spiritual Life 23
The Sense of Spiritual Direction 28
The Fire and the Frying Pan 32
Juvenile Enthusiasm vs. Settled Conviction 36
Sivananda’s Stress on Practice 40
Sense of Urgency in Sadhana 46
The Means and the End 52
Time for Introspection 57
Whither Mr. Sadhak? 60
Thirty Years in the Spiritual Path 65
Instant Realisation 74
Meditation Purifies 79
Lives of Saints 82
The Borderland between Virtue and Vice 85
Congenial Company for the Sadhak 91
Distracting Sights and Sounds 95
Choose Your Environment 99
The Corrective Dose 102
The Moment of Surrender 106
God’s Mercy – Myth or Reality? 109
How to Get over Maya 114
Destiny or Karmic Purgation 119
Fate, Free Will and God’s Will 123
Give Up Value Judgment 127
Which Is True? Which False? 133
Spirituality Is Expansion 138
Being, Doing, Possessing 143
How to Get Your Desires Fulfilled 147
Is Prayer Necessary? 151
Living in the Present 155
Choosing a Career – The Spiritual Angle 160
Positive Aids to Peace of Mind 165

Publishers’ Note

This book, with three exceptions, is a collection of the author’s articles published in the Divine Life magazine in the seventies and early eighties.

“Sivananda’s Stress on Spiritual Practice”, “Instant Realisation” and “Spiritual Education for Youth” are taken from the Commemoration/Souvenir Volumes published by our Ahmedabad, Chickmagalur and Bhavnagar branches in 1975, 1982 and 1983 respectively.

In these articles, the author, Shri N. Ananthanarayanan, a direct disciple of Holy Master Swami Sivananda and an inmate of the Ashram for many years, seeks to share with the readers his views on Sadhana and spiritual life in the light of his own experiences. These articles are more the direct outcome of the author’s spiritual struggle than the product of any intellectual effort. As such, they should have a special appeal to practising spiritual seekers everywhere.

We have great pleasure in releasing this book on the most sacred occasion of Vijaya Dasami. May the Grace of the Divine Mother shower upon all readers of this book and bring all success in their spiritual endeavour and lead them on to supreme spiritual blessedness.

OCTOBER 14, 1994.


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