Unity of Religions

by Swami Sivananda

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Paperback: 119 pages
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Table of Contents

About This Book (Back Cover)  
Sab Nam Hari Tere Hi  
Mere Liye Eksa Ram Ya Rahim  

Chapter One

1. Universal Prayers  
2. Universal Anthem  
3. Universal Kirtan  

Chapter Two

4. Unity of Religions  
5. Religion and Man  
6. What Religion Means to Humanity  
7. Real Religion  
8. Religion is One  
9. Religion is One: Practised Variously  
10. The Common Ideal of All Faiths  
11. Fundamental Unity of Religions  
12. Fundamentals of Religion  
13. Essentials and Non-Essentials of Religion  
14. Universality of Religion  

Chapter Three

15. Unity of Religions  
16. One Caste, One Religion, One God  
17. Essentials of Religion  
18. True Religion  
19. One Essence  
20. Essence of Religion  
21. Real Religion  
22. Essentials of All Religions Are the Same  
23. World’s Religion  
24. Ram or Rahim  
25. Song of Universality of Religions  

Chapter Four

26. Mahavakyas or Great Utterances  
27. The Golden Rule of Brotherhood  
28. Conception of God  
29. Concurrence Among Religions  
30. Comparative Sayings from Twelve Religions  
31. Theory of Creation  
32. The Indwelling Presence  
33. The Law of Karma  
34. Essence of Duty  
35. Revelations  
36. Ahimsa or Non-Injury  
37. Brotherhood, Cosmic Love and Peace  

Chapter five

38. Unity for Perfection  
39. One Common Origin  
40. Secret of Effecting Unity  
41. The Universal Pivot  
42. Religion, the Source of all Good  
43. Religion, of Truth  
44. The All-World Religions Federation  
45. Common Message of all Prophets  
46. A Symposium on Religion  

About This Book

Age after age, men-of-God have come to re-awaken the spirit of real religion in man. Their awakening call has been worded in the language of the times, comprehensible by the common man of the age. The prophets returned to their “Source”: but their message endured. It came to be interpreted and “compared” with that of the other prophets. Differences were emphasised and exaggerated. Thus came conflicts!

The Prophet of the New Age, Sri Swami Sivananda, is the Prophet of Religious Unity–Unity of Mankind in all sectors–as the fundamental tenet of true religion. He is therefore the fulfilment of the prophets of the past.

In this volume are brought together some of his essays and poems on this vital problem. In the first chapter are given a few universal prayers. In the second are given his essays on the universality of religion. In the third are given some of his poems on the subject: these poems act as “Sutras” condensing great ideas within a few words. In the fourth chapter is given an anthology of similar thoughts from the major religions of the world.

The publishers hope that this publication would further Sri Swamiji’s yeoman services to the cause of unification of the hearts of people belonging to all the religions of the world.



Composed in the early dawn of civilization, the following verses are an illustrious example of a profound conviction in the unity of existence which occupied the minds of the sages of yore. The first five verses are from the earliest piece of Sanskrit literature, composed no one knows when, but certainly several thousands of years before us.

These early ideas about the unity of existence, beautifully portray the spirit of oneness, toleration and amity, which is a deeply embedded characteristic of Hinduism.


1. Let us all, in unison like true friends, invoke upon God, best known in His revealed Law (of Nature) for our protection and help in all our endeavours for the attainment of things difficult to achieve and in all our battles of life. (I, 30, 7)

2. O Adorable Almighty! In the whole universe Thou dost the work of harmonising and uniting, and most fully reveal Thyself in the world. We, therefore, beseech Thee to bestow upon us, in every way, all the means that will enable us to live in peace and harmony. (X, 191, 1)

3. Let all your activities be so directed as to lead you to one common goal; let there be conference held among you in a common tongue. Let all your minds be of one accord to acquire knowledge of the various lores. Do thou as the enlightened did in all ages, perform your tasks in life in co-operation and harmony with your mind in full agreement for the acquisition of knowledge and worship of God, the real object of your devotion. (2)

4. Let the object of your counsels be acceptable to all, and the place of your assembly common, your minds in accord, and your hearts united together. (3)

5. Let your object in life be one and the same, your hearts equal, and your minds in full agreement, so that an excellent, common status of life may be achieved for all. (4)


1. I ordain for you, concord of heart, unanimity of mind, and freedom from hatred in dealings with each other. Love one another in all ways. (III, 30, 1)

2. Neither a brother should hate his brother, nor the sister be unkind to her sister. You ought to speak with one another most gently, being of one mind, and keeping the same ideal before you. (3)

3. I ordain in your home the Vedic principles from which the enlightened never err, nor do they bear hatred towards one another, so that they may serve as the right guiding knowledge for all men. (4)

4. Worship the adorable God, all of you together (attaching yourselves to Him) just as the spokes of the wheel are attached to the nave from all around. (6)

5. I enjoin on all of you to be mutually helping one another, to be united in your mind, and to have one goal in life. You should, like the wise of all ages, ever cherish liberation of your souls, and to this end may peace of mind increase among you, evening and morning. (7)

6. Let your bodies and minds work together in harmony for the achievement of the common ideal (general welfare). It is for this that God, the Protector of the universe, has brought you together in life. (VI, 34, 1)


Narayana Narayana Allah Allah
Sab Nam Hari Tere Hi, Sab Ka Vidhata.

Koyi Math Ho, Koyi Path Ho, Tere Dwara Hi Jata
Koyi Doonde Kahin Doonde, Tuj Hi Ko Hai Pata.
Mandir Ho, Masjid Ho, Girja Ya Gurudwara
Har Chowkhat Haridwara. (Narayana)

Jis Math Ka Gandhi Ne Upadesh Kiya Hai
Us math ne Bandhutvaka Sandesh Diya Hai
Hindu Ho, Muslim Ho, Sikh Ho, Ya Isayi
Sab Manav Sab Bhai … (Narayana)

Narayana Narayana Allah Allah
All Indeed, only thy Name, Thou, the sustainer of all,

Whatever Religion, whatever Creed, all go through Thee
Whomever wheresoever, Thou alone art seen.
Mandir or Mosque, Church or Gurudwara…
Thou, alone art glorified. (Narayana)

The Religion which has been taught by Gandhi
Gives the message of Universal Brotherhood
Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian
All indeed human beings, all are brothers. (Narayana)

Chapter One




O Adorable Lord of Mercy and Love!
Salutations and prostrations unto Thee.
Thou art Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.
Thou art Satchidananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute).
Thou art the Indweller of all beings.

Grant us an understanding heart,
Equal vision, balanced mind,
Faith, devotion and wisdom.
Grant us inner spiritual strength
To resist temptations and to control the mind.
Free us from egoism, lust, greed, hatred, anger and jealousy.
Fill our hearts with divine virtues.

Let us behold Thee in all these names and forms.
Let us serve Thee in all these names and forms.
Let us ever remember Thee.
Let us ever sing Thy glories.
Let Thy Name be ever on our lips.
Let us abide in Thee for ever and ever.


Thou art, O Lord, the Creator of this universe. Thou art the Protector of this world. Thou art in the grass and in the rose. Thou art in the sun and in the stars. Salutations unto Thee, O Bestower of joy and bliss!

Sweet Lord! Let me be free from the clutches of birth and death. Let me be able to look upon all beings with equal vision. Let me be free from impurity and sin. Give me strength to control the mind. Give me strength to serve Thee and the humanity untiringly. Make me Thy fit instrument for Thy work. Make me pure and strong.

I bow to Thee, O indweller of all hearts. O Secret of secrets! Remove my weaknesses, defects and evil thoughts. Make me pure so that I may be able to receive Thy grace and blessings. O Lord! Thou art the thread-soul that connects all beings. Thou pervadest all, permeatest and interpenetratest all that exists in this universe.

Thou art Light Divine. Thou art the dispeller of ignorance. Thou art the All-merciful Lord. Give me a life without disease. Let me remember Thee always. Let me develop all the sublime virtues.

Thou art self-luminous. Thou art my father, mother, brother, friend, relative and guide. Let me realise the Truth. Let me be free from greed, lust, egoism, jealousy and hatred. Prepare me as Thy sweet messenger on this earth so that I may radiate joy, peace and bliss to the whole world. Let me utilise my body, mind and senses in Thy service and in the service of Thy creatures. Breathe into me Thy breath of immortality. Let me recognise the Universal Brotherhood of Man. Let me love all as my own Self. Salutations unto Thee, O Lord of Compassion.


O adorable Lord of compassion, salutations unto Thee! Thou art infinite beauty, joy, bliss and peace! Thou art perfect, independent and ever free! Give me the spirit of sacrifice, strength and indomitable will to serve the humanity! Vouchsafe to me Thy grace and mercy!

O Almighty! Thou art my Redeemer and Saviour! Free me from the bondage of this body and the round of birth and death. Make me drink the nectar of Immortality!

O Supreme Being, fill my heart with unflinching devotion unto thee. Let the flame of devotion to Thee grow brighter and brighter everyday!

O infinity, O Eternity, O Immortality free me from all sorrows, dependence, delusion, weaknesses and defects! Grant me equal vision, balanced mind, divine virtues–such as, courage, tolerance, forbearance, humility, mercy, purity and cosmic love!

O Omnipotent Lord! strengthen my resolve to stick to the spiritual path and do my daily spiritual routine vigorously and regularly. Forgive my sins. Free me from the obstacles in the spiritual path and all temptations. Give me inner strength to resist temptations!

O Indwelling Presence! Thou art my sole prop, support, refuge and solace! Thou art the life of my life! Thou art the soul of my soul. Thou art transcendental bliss, peace and joy. Thou art one homogenous essence. Let me be established in non-violence, truthfulness, devotion and purity. Teach me to be steadfast in my devotion unto Thee. Give me light and wisdom.

O Supreme Love! Salutations unto Thee! Thou art the Indweller of my heart. Give me the inner third eye of intuition or wisdom. May Self-realisation be my inexhaustible spiritual wealth, dispassion my crown, virtuous deeds my asset in the divine bank and renunciation the jewel of my heart! Crores of prostrations unto Thee. O Lord! I am Thine! Save me, protect me, guide me and enlighten me. Make me pure, perfect and free! Through Thy grace may all attain health, long life, peace, prosperity and Self-realisation.


Thars: Sunaja

Glory to Thee, O Fair Mother Earth, common parent of all.
The common sacred place of birth of all humanity.
All are thy children, white, brown, or black, yellow, short or tall.
Bless on and all to know and feel this true unity.
The continents are thy cradles and every race a child.
Clothed with the blue sky and the ocean calm and mild.
Thy winds, water and soil are the same everywhere,
Nourishing every being, common for all to share.
Though conduct, action and behaviour appear as diverse,
One alone is the Power that works in the universe.
Though words and languages differ in Peking or in Rome,
One alone in the Primal Sound, the Root Vibration OM.
Though upon the external surface, man as many appears,
In the Self he is one, thus declare sages and seers.
All that is God alone, there is no diversity,
The only Truth of this life is the essential unity.
In unity we live and by dissension we fall.
The one Almighty God is the Father of all.
This gracious earth is the Mother of all.
Each human being is the Brother of all.
As one Sun illumines the entire earth outside,
The one Spirit Universal in man doth reside,
Brightening and lightening the chambers of his heart,
Inspiring and indwelling each religion, science and art.
God is One, the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss, the same for all mankind,
Truth Supreme, the One Reality, Spirit Transcendental,
A golden Cord Spiritual the whole world to bind,
In bonds of Love and Brotherhood and Unity Eternal.


l. Bhajo Lord Jesus
  Bhajo Khuda Khuda

2. Bhajo Lord Buddha
   Bhajo Arhat

3. Bhajo Lord Confucius
   Bhajo Lord Lao-Tsze

4. Bhajo Lord Rama
   Bhajo Lord Mahavir

5. Bhajo Lord Zoroaster
   Bhajo Mansoor

6. Bhajo Wahi Guru
   Bhajo Guru Arjun

7. Bhajo Saint Joseph
   Bhajo Saint Mathew

8. Bhajo Vyasa Maharshi
   Bhajo Sankaracharya

9. Bhajo Madhwacharya
   Bhajo Nimbarkacharya

Bhajo Lord Mohammed
Bhajo Allah Allah

Bhajo Tathagata
Bhajo Bodhisattwa

Bhajo Lord Shinto
Bhajo Lord Mao-Tsze

Bhajo Lord Krishna
Bhajo Tirthankaras

Bhajo Ahura Mazda
Bhajo Shams Tabriez

Bhajo Nanak Dev
Bhajo Guru Govinda

Bhajo Saint Patrick
Bhajo Saint Francis

Bhajo Vidyaranya
Bhajo Ramanujacharya

Bhajo Vallabhacharya
Bhajo Kabir Das

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