The Glorious Immortal Atman


by Swami Sivananda

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119 pages
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Table of Contents

Publishers’ Note 5


Divine Life for Children 7
Swami Sivananda on God 8
Ten Mottoes 9
Short Lectures for Children 9
Children’s Sivananda 11


1. Prayer 19
2. Sweet Riddles 20
3. Unforgettable Ananda Kutir 22
4. My Kirtan 24
5. Baby Brother 25
6. Recipe for Memory 26
7. Cream of Divine Life 29
8. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 31
9. Keep God ever in thy sweet heart 32
10. Children are always naughty 34
11. The Power of a Mantra 36
12. The Voice of the Soul 38
13. A Mission for Life 40
14. The Vibhutis of God 42
15. Power of Prayer 44
16. The Real Well-Wisher 45
17. Saint vs. Engineer 47
18. Wisdom in Humour 49
19. Vedic Wisdom 50
20. Wonder of Wonders 52

21. Discipline

22. Everything is God 56
23. A Saint’s Counsel 58
24. Glory of Ramnam 60
25. On Concentration 62
26. The Children’s Friend 64
27. Lesson in Selfless Service 67
28. Lessons on Morality 69
29. The Sage stoops to the Level of a Child 71
30. The Soul of Spirituality 72
31. Austerities for the Young 74
32. In whom shall I take refuge 76
33. A Spiritual Experience 79
34. Take Me to Thy Lotus Feet 80
35. Road to Health 82
36. Good Resolves 84
37. Home-Sick for Ananda Kutir 86
38. Mother is God 87
39. Your Best Teacher 88
40. The Biggest School 89
41. Nature of God 90


1. Message for Children’s Park Inauguration 95
2. Education of the child 97
3. Be helpful to the youngster 97
4. Mix Discipline with Love 98
5. Understand the Child’s Psychology 99
6. Real Education 101
7. How to become a Superman 102
8. Reconstruction of Civilization 105
9. Character: The Foundation of Divine Life 107
10. Regularity and Punctuality 109
11. Sincerity and Honesty 110
12. Patience and Perseverance 110

13. Self-Reliance

14. Health Hints 112
15. Mental Hygiene 113
16. How to become rich 117
17. How to win friends? 117
18. Be ever busy 118
19. Make good use of money 118

Publishers’ Note

The keen and wholehearted interest that Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has taken in the moulding of the young, from the very early days of his spiritual ministry, is well known. During the days of his propaganda tours, he used to give preference to schools and colleges for lecturing and for demonstration of Yoga exercises, etc.

During his epochal All India Tour, Sri Swamiji visited every University in India and addressed the students. A single incident reveals his heart. He was addressing the students of the Andhra University at Waltair; someone reminded him that a huge crowd was awaiting his arrival at the Town Hall for a considerable time and that he ought to go there. “Let them wait. These students are more important to me; and I must serve them to my satisfaction,” he said.

He and he alone has given practical shape to the universal belief that the youth is the hope of the nation and that the students are the leaders and rulers of tomorrow. He declares “The spiritual seed must be sown while people are young.”

This book is a treasure for the young.

1st July 1958

–The Divine Life Society


One day a little girl Meenoo wrote a letter to our Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandji Maharaj. She shared the good news that she had been promoted from Grade 4 to 5 and asked for His blessings. She also wrote that her brother was very naughty. Sri Gurudev promptly replied with His blessings and said “You write that your brother is very naughty. Children are always naughty. The naughty children become later on very intelligent. Are you also naughty?” He also advised her to eat well, study well, play well, behave well and obey her parents, for God to be kind to her and fulfill her wishes. Such was the child-like heart of Gurudev with children.

This book is a beautiful compilation of such loving and inspiring communion between Cherubic Children and their Beloved God Sri Gurudev. It is also a treasure trove of Worshipful Gurudev’s illuminating messages for little angels and their guardian angels i.e. parents and teachers.

Enjoy reading and learning.

May Gurudev’s grace be upon all of us!






Speak softly. Speak sweetly. Speak little. Speak the truth. Speak with love. Observe silence. Think carefully before you speak.


Serve the poor. Serve the sick and the needy. Serve with love and devotion. Service is worship. This is the highest religion. Become a Scout. Learn First-aid.


Pray, meditate and chant the Lord’s Names daily. Pray from the bottom of your heart with divine feeling and love. Pray to God for purity, wisdom, devotion. Chant the Lord’s Names–Sri Ram, Om Namo Narayanaya, Jesus, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, Om Namah Sivaya, etc., daily. Repeat the name of God always while playing and studying. Pray to God with faith and devotion.


Together with your school lessons study the Koran, Bible, Gita, Upanishads, Zend-Avesta daily. Put into practice, what you have learnt. Then only will you evolve.


Respect all religions, cults, faiths. Respect all saints of all religions. All religions lead us to God. Remember this point well.


Love all. Serve all. Be kind, truthful, pure, humble, merciful, and generous. Be kind to animals. Never hurt the feelings of others. See God in all. Obey parents, elders and teachers. In reality thou art the Immortal Self–birth-less, deathless, disease-less. Thou art all Bliss, all Wisdom, and all Knowledge. Feel this. Realise this. This is DIVINE LIFE.


God is love. God is truth. God is Peace. God is Bliss. God is light. God is Power. God is Knowledge. He dwells in your heart. God loves you. He looks after you. Everything that you see is God. Realise Him and be free.


Never hurt the feelings of others. Be kind to all. Be kind and loving to animals.


Ram–Swamiji, where does God live? What can he do? What does God know? What does God eat?

Sivananda–Tell me Ram, where does God not live? What can God not do? What does God not know? Listen Ram, God lives in every place. He can do all things. He knows everything. He eats the Ego or Ahamkar of persons.


l. Simple living and high thinking.

2. Honesty is the best policy.

3. Work is worship.

4. Die to live.

5. Love little but love long.

6. Look before you leap.

7. Union is strength.

8. First deserve then desire.

9. Silence is golden while speech is silvery.

10. Spend and God will send.


(During May and June, 1953, a number of young students and children underwent training at the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University under the direct guidance of H. H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. Every day during the Satsanga these children were asked by Sri Swamiji to deliver short lectures. To the youngest of them–between the ages of 5 and 8–he himself prepared short lectures containing the essence of his teachings, to be memorised and delivered. The effect on the audience was electric. And the little ones gained that self-confidence which would be invaluable for them in later life. Here are some of the lectures which Swamiji taught the young ones. This is a novel method of training children which teachers and parents might well adopt.)


OM! Ladies and Gentlemen,

Realise God and be happy for ever. This is my short lecture today.


OM! Children of Light,

Serve, love, give, purify, meditate and realise. This is my short lecture today.


OM! Blessed Self,

Be good, do good. Be kind. Be compassionate. Tat Twam Asi. Thou art That. This is my short lecture today.


OM! Immortal Atman,

He who enjoys sensual pleasure is riding on a donkey. Enjoy Eternal Atmic Bliss and be free forever. This is my short lecture today.



(Master Kamal Kumar, New Delhi)

The short talk which I am going to give you today is about Swami Sivanandaji and his Ashram.

I am a small boy and I can’t express the ideas nicely. But I will tell you what I feel about Gurudev and his Ashram.

To me Swamiji is God Himself. I love him, adore him and respect him. He is a kind and loving saint. Even to small boys like me he is very kind. He pours his kindness and love. I see here, everyone goes to him and gets his divine blessings.

I have many letters written in Swamiji’s own handwriting. I keep them as my costly treasure.

My mother says I must have done some great Punya to get so much attention, kindness and blessings from a great, holy saint like Gurudev. Every saint here is kind and helpful.

I do not want to go back to Delhi soon. I want to stay here for some more days. I am feeling very sad as I am going tomorrow.

But I am sure that Swamiji will bless me so that I can grow up and become an automobile engineer and earn a lot of money with which I wish to build Swamiji a nice big beautiful Ashram.

(*A brief talk delivered by the young boy aged 11 years at the Sivanandashram)

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