The Divine Destination

by Swami Chidananda

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Book Code: EC18
208 pages
Book Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches
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Table of Contents

Publishers’ Note 5
Introduction 7


1. The Divine Destination 19
2. The Greatest Wonder 21
3. This Moment 23
4. Take Time By The Forelock 26
5. Creation: The Music Of Mother’s Veena 28
6. Guru Seva 31
7. The Paradox Of Self-Realisation 34
8. The Importance Of Joy 36
9. Not A Rosy Path 38
10. Dare To Live The Spiritual Life 41
11. The All Conquering Power 43
12. Choose Your Life 45
13. Living Divine Life 47
14. The Essence Of Dharma 49
15. A Man Of Practical Wisdom 51
16. Abhyasa Of Vairagya 53
17. Purity, The Pre-Requisite To Perfection 55
18. Unity Of Religions 57
19. The Spirit Of Religion 59
20. All Life Is One 61
21. Spiritual Life Should Be Vital And Alive 63
22. The Purpose Of Yoga 64
23. Everything Is Yoga 65
24. Movement Of Man Towards Divine 67
25. Essentials Of A Sadhak’s Daily Routine 69


26. The Central Declaration Of Vedanta 73
27. Surrender 75
28. Bhaja Govindam 76
29. Enshrine Thy Guru In Thy Heart! 77
30. The Saint’s Magic 79
31. Be God-Oriented 81
32. Effort And Faith 84
33. Not Work But Sadhana For Self-Realisation 85
34. Living The Gita Vision 88
35. Yearning For Liberation 90
36. God’s Grace And Self-Effort 92
37. The Rationale Behind Prayer 94
38. Prayer–Its Prerequisites 95
39. Svadhyaya: Its Practical Value 96
40. Shravana Illumines 98
41. Santosha -A Continued Feast 100
42. The Great Goal And Its Attainment 102
43. Knowledge And Action 104
44. Be Persistent In Abhyasa 106
45. The Best Part Of Knowledge 107
46. Action Cannot Be Avoided 108
47. Never Despair 110
48. Knowledge Is Meant To Be Lived 111
49. Some Valuable Clues To Prosperity In The House 112
50. God Helps Those Who Help Themselves 113


51. The Primary Mission 117
52. Yoga Transforms The Nature Of The Psyche 119
53. The Yoga Of The Center 120
54. Importance Of Educating The Inner Man 122
55. Mind Is A Marvel 123
56. Mind-The Barrier Between Man And God 125
57. The Parable Of The Two Zen Monks 126
58. Be Master Of The Mind And Intellect 128
59. Liberate Yourself 129
60. The Music Of The Soul 131
61. Samskaras –The In-Built Impressions 133
62. Operation Of Subtle Impressions 135
63. Raga And Dvesha 137
64. Restraints (Yama) 139
65. Seclusion And Sattvic Diet 141
66. Practice Of Manana 144
67. Dynamic Self- Denial 145
68. Dharana And Dhyana Defined 147
69. Purushartha And Self-Control 149
70. Mental Activity Hides Your Real Nature 151
71. The Parable Of The Seeker And The Stinker 152
72. Unfoldment Of The Supreme Being 154
73. Influence Of Strong Mind Over Weak Minds 155
74. Yogic Life–In And Through The World 157
75. Hallmark Of A True Seeker 159


76. Claim Your Birthright 163
77. From Knowledge To Experience 165
78. Bliss Is Thy Nature: Bliss Is Thy Heritage 166
79. The Thing To Be Known 168
80. The World Is An Abode Of Unhappiness 170
81. Buddha’s Four Truths 172
82. Fulfilment Of Life 174
83. From The Universal To The Universal 176
84. You Are That! 179
85. Nididhyasana 180
86. God Alone Exists 181
87. Affirm Truth 183
88. Awake, Arise 185
89. Negative Solutions Will Not Work 186
90. Pleasure Is Not Happiness 187
91. Strive For The Goal Of Life Right Now 188
92. The Significance Of Deepawali 190
93. Practice Awareness Of God 192
94. Man’s Extremity Is God’s Opportunity 194
95. Aparokshanubhuti 196
96. Thou Art Divinity 198
97. Perseverance Leads To Success 200

98. Dying To The Little Self

99. Real Renunciation 204
100. Let Divinity Be Your Keynote 206

Dhyanamulam guror murtih
Pujamulam guroh padam,
Mantramulam guror vakyam
Mokshamulam guror kripa.

The form of Guru is the root of meditation.
The feet of Guru are the root of worship.
The teaching of the Guru is the root of all Mantras.
The Grace of Guru is the root of Salvation.

Have God in your heart
His name on your lips
His thought in your mind
His love in your whole being
Samsar cannot touch you!
You are blessed.
Swami Chidananda

Publishers’ Note

24th September 2016 marks the auspicious occasion of Birth Centenary of Worshipful Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj. To commemorate this sacred occasion, the Headquarters Ashram has decided to bring out various books and booklets comprising illuminating talks of Worshipful Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj.

To propagate Sadgurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj’s gospel of Divine Life, Worshipful Sri Swamiji Maharaj travelled extensively in India and abroad and showed the path of divine life to countless seekers through his spontaneous and highly inspiring lectures. His lectures are the outpourings of his saintly heart, complete dedication to Sri Gurudev’s teachings and the revelations of his intuitive wisdom.

Sri Swamiji Maharaj’s illuminating lectures have been compiled and published in book form from time to time. Srimati & Sri Raviji, an ardent devotee of Gurudev from DLS, New York, has meticulously collected some inspiring, thought-provoking and elevating extracts from Sri Swamiji Maharaj’s books. We are immensely happy to bring out those extracts in this book as our worshipful offering at his holy feet on the blessed occasion of his Birth Centenary. The present book THE DIVINE DESTINATION is a beautiful compilation of hundred inspiring excerpts.

We express our heartfelt gratitude towards Sri Raviji and the inmates of the Headquarters Ashram for their loving selfless service in compiling and editing these excerpts.

May the abundant blessings of the Almighty Lord, Sadgurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and Worshipful Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj be upon all.

The Divine Life Society


Worshipfull Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj came to teach us the essence of Sadhana. He came to train and guide us in practical spiritual life. He wanted that our life should be ‘Sadhanamaya‘. Plunge into Sadhana; that is Sivananda; that is true discipleship. Sadguru Swami Sivananda stands for spiritual Sadhana in life. Be intent on Sadhana. Make your life an integral Sadhana. Stick to your path of Sadhana. Combine all your paths as harmonious help. Without Sadhana, Self-realisation is not possible. Regularity in Sadhana is indispensable. Sincerity and earnestness are the essential conditions for the fruition of all Sadhana.

The sculptor of Swami Chidananda is Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. It is the wisdom and the genius of the sculptor that is visible in the statue. The divine engineer is Swami Sivananda. All glorifications are due to those lotus-feet.

Whatever he says, should be our gospel. Let us make our entire life a living, practical and dynamic worship of this divine idol before us in the form of Sri Gurudev, so that we shall be able to fulfill the purpose of our existence, viz., the realisation of the inner nature of Sri Gurudev in this very life. If we, indescribably lucky disciples at the feet of this divinity, are fortunate to accomplish that, our lives will be doubly blessed. All praise, all glory to God. All praise, all glory to Gurudev Bhagawan, between whom and God there is no distinction. Bhagawan is Nirakara, Nirguna, Avyakta; Gurudev is Sakara, Saguna, Vyakta. Let us humbly offer our prayers at his divine feet that he may bless us; that in this very life we may try to work towards the fulfillment of our ideal that he is for us all.

Therefore, let us always enshrine in the temple of our hearts the ideal that is Sri Gurudev. Let us always worship in our hearts, the great ideal, the divine example that we have got in the living divinity before us, Sri Gurudev. Let us meditate upon him.

–Swami Chidananda

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