Seek The Beyond

by Swami Chidananda

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317 + ix pages
ISBN: 81-7052-176-9
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Table of Contents

Publishers’ Note v

Part One: The Universal Is Speaking to the Universal

1. The Universal Is Speaking to the Universal 5
2. From the Universal to the Universal 9
3. Reach for the Beyond 15

Part Two: Liberation is Possible!

4. Is Liberation Possible? 21
5. Thinking Only of God 23
6. Follow Your Star 27
7. Perseverance and Aspiration Lead to Success 31
8. What Is True Success? 35
9. The Importance of Joy 39
10. Desire and Deserve 43
11. The Spirit Has To Be Kept Up 49
12. Looking at Problems from a Different Angle of Vision 53
13. The World Is Not Our Enemy! 57
14. God Is Present in the Midst of the Human Condition 63
15. Tap the Infinite Source of Energy 67
16. Always Be Positive! 73
17. You Are That! 77
18. No Distance Between Us and Reality 81
19. It Is Possible To Be in the World Yet Dwell in God! 87

Part Three: Seek The Beyond

20. The Light that Banishes Darkness 97
21. Know the Unknowable 101
22. Who Is It That Knows? 105
23. Going Beyond the Mind 111
24. Your Highest Good! 119
25. Blasting the Myth 123
26. Affirm: Only Reality Exists 127
27. Going Beyond Samadhi 131

Part Four: What Is Living Spirituality?
Living Spirituality Means Living in the Divine.

28. Beyond Even a Stream of Holiness 139
29. Be Rooted in the One 143
30. How Can There Be Sorrow when Bliss Alone Exists? 149
31. Go Beyond Attachment and Aversion 161
32. The Blemish of the Sattvic Intellect 165
33. The Type of Mind You Should Pray For 169
34. Live in Alert Awareness of Your Divine Identity 173
35. Dwell in God-thought 177
36. Light Alone Is 181

Part Five: What Is Living Spirituality?
Living Spirituality Means Transformation.
It Means Seeing Clearly.

37. Are Spiritual Practices Necessary? 189
38. Ego–the Sworn Enemy of Man 199
39. The Best Part of Knowledge 205
40. What Is Knowledge Doing for Us? 209
41. Free Yourselves from the Gunas 213
42. See Yourself Impartially 217
43. You Must Be Committed 223
44. We Are Judged by Our Own Life and Truth 235
45. Purposefully Direct the Power Potential Within 241
46. Be Master of the Mind and Intellect! 247

Part Six: What Is Living Spirituality?
Living Spirituality Means Devotion.
It Means Surrender.

47. The Essence of Worship and Prayer 255
48. Prayer Must Become Part of Our Life and Action 259
49. What Should Be Our Relationship to the Divine Power? 263
50. The Secret of Inner Serenity 267
51. A Higher Vision 275
52. The Coexistence of Self-effort and Surrender 281
53. The Soul of Surrender 287
54. You Must Take the Leap! 293
55. Want Nothing. 299
Glossary 307

Publishers’ Note

For over 50 years, Swami Chidananda, the spiritual successor of the legendary founder of The Divine Life Society, His Holiness Swami Sivananda, travelled throughout India and abroad urging his listeners to live the divine life and to seek the Beyond. That this is possible has been fully demonstrated in Swamiji’s own life. Swamiji at once expresses a deep stillness arising from a continuous abidance in the Beyond and at the same time demonstrates the divine life through his love and service of the Divine in all of creation.

In this unique book, containing a selection of early morning mediation talks given in the sacred Samadhi Hall at Sivananda Ashram, Swami Chidananda, from his own deep realisation and understanding, guides us in our journey towards the Beyond. Swamiji teaches that liberation is here and now, but we must choose to live in the Divine and refuse to be lost in worldly desires and pursuits.

Sanskrit language words have been put in italics. Normally their meaning can be understood by the context or their English equivalent which follows within commas or parenthesis. Otherwise, their meaning can be found in the comprehensive Glossary. Most of the photos included with the text were taken as Swamiji gave his early morning talks in the Samadhi Hall during the years 2003 and 2004.



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