Nectar Drops

by Swami Sivananda

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Paperback: 112 pages
Book Dimensions: 7.0 x 4.75 x 0.20 inches
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Table of Contents

About This Book (Back Cover)  

Chapter I


Part One

i. Know the True Nature of the World 13
ii. The greatest Wealth 15
iii. Man, the Great Mystery 17
iv. Most Essential Wisdom 19

Part Two

 i. Mano-Vijnana in a Nutshell 20
ii. Mind and World 21
iii. Meditation Transforms Mind 23

Chapter II

i. Nectar of Indian Spirituality 26
ii. The Immortal Essence 28
iii. Know the Supreme Presence 31
iv. Seek the Immortal 33
v. Overcome Illusion, Behold the Light of Lights 35

Chapter III

i. Nectarine Call of the Ancients 38
ii. Message to Mankind 40
iii. Glory of Man 42
iv. School of Life 43
v. Play of Light and Darkness 44
vi. March Towards the Goal 46
vii. Reflect Well and Realise 48

Chapter IV

i. Serve and Purify Thy Nature 50
ii. Whom and How to Serve 52
iii. Be Detached 53
iv. Make Divine Name Your Greatest Treasure 54
v. Glory of Divine Name 55

Chapter V
(Sivananda Jnana-Amritam)

i. Beloved Sadhak! Arise and March Onward 57
ii. Quintessence of Sadhana 59
iii. Be Spiritual and Attain God 61
iv. Importance of Discipline 62
v. Secrets of Sadhana 63
vi. Guru Leads to God 65
vii. Open Up Thy Inner Eye 67

Chapter VI

i. Through Dharma Attain Moksha 69
ii. Roadway to Pain and Suffering 70
iii. Destroyers of Dharma 72
iv. Nectar of Virtue 73
v. Steps through the Gate of Goodness 75

Chapter VII

i. Secret of World Welfare 77
ii. Draw Closer in Spiritual Oneness 78
iii. The Priceless Nectar 80
iv. Spiritual Law that Governs this World 82
v. The Divine Solution to World Problems 84
vi. Amrita-Sandesh 85

Chapter VIII

i. The Golden Realm of Divinity 88
ii. Behold the Glory of Immanence 89
iii. Become One with God 90
iv. Children of the Divine 92
v. Spiritual Flowers 94

Chapter IX

i. Golden Bits of Divine Wisdom 96
ii. Divine Science of Devotion–Part I 97
     Divine Science of Devotion–Part II 99
iii. Divine Love is Based on Faith 100
iv. Pray, Worship and Realise the Lord–Part I 101
    Pray, Worship and Realise the Lord–Part II 103

Chapter X

i. Secret of Prem Sadhana 104
ii. Thus Sivananda Says 105
iii. Light on the Invisible World 107
iv. Secrets of Inner Health 108
v. Glimpses of Wisdom 110

About This Book

Nectar is immortalising elixir. Who doesn’t want nectar?

Man wants to live for ever. Man wants to be happy for ever. Man wants peace always.

But he seeks to find them in wrong quarters.

Immortality is in the death of the little ‘I’ and the realisation of the Supreme Self. The words of a sage, that awaken this consciousness, are therefore, Nectar Drops.

These nectar drops bestow upon you the supreme experience of Self-realisation. They flood your heart with imperishable happiness and undying peace.

For, they are from Swami Sivanandaji, the ocean of Bliss and peace. They are the product of his intense austere selfless life of dynamic service. Sri Swamiji Maharaj rejoices in sharing this nectar with you. Drink it to your heart’s content and enjoy immortality, eternal bliss and perennial peace, here and now.


i. Serve and Purify Thy Nature
ii. Whom and How to Serve
iii. Be Detached
iv. Make Divine Name your Greatest Treasure
v. Glory of Divine Name

i. Serve and Purify Thy Nature

1. The practice of Karma Yoga is very necessary for developing important virtues.

2. Tolerance, equanimity, kindness, mercy, etc., can be cultivated only by the practice of Karma Yoga.

3. Without possessing these virtues one cannot dream of attaining God-realisation or Vedantic feeling of oneness.

4. Selfless service is the greatest force to aspire and elevate man to higher levels.

5. Selfless service brings about an all-round development of man’s character, makes him truly manly and brings about a spontaneous spiritual awakening.

6. Selfless service is indeed most essential for the physical, moral and spiritual regeneration of the youth of this world.

7. The raw diamond requires a good cutting, polishing and chiselling before it brings one it’s real luminous colour. Even so, the raw aspirant requires constant rubbing and mixing with different modes of people with different temperaments.

8. Combine action with meditation in the beginning. They are mutually helpful to each other.

9. Meditation will strengthen you for action and action will send you back to meditation.

10. The inner and outer life will be harmoniously developed through action and meditation.

11. He who does good to God’s creatures is very dear to God.

12. Do you love God? Then love and serve His creatures.

13. The best man is he, from whom the most good accrues to humanity.

14. Your whole life must be a life of service to humanity.

15. What is the use of this life if you do not love the Lord and serve the humanity?

ii. Whom and How to Serve

16. Do selfless service to the afflicted, the orphans, the widows, the sick, the suffering, irrespective of any difference.

17. The birds and beasts should be looked after nicely.

18. Serve orphans with love in your heart.

19. No beggar should be turned out. See the Lord in the beggar. Serve him. Give him food, clothing and shelter. Educate him.

20. If you want to serve humanity, you must free yourself from egoism.

21. You can free yourself from egoism, if you surrender your entire life to God.

22. Dedication and concentration are both essential for any form of creative work.

23. Efficiency demands punctuality, regularity, neatness and tidiness in the work.

24. Knowing is not difficult. Acting is difficult. Become a man of action.

25. Contemplation of Truth is the end, action the means.

26. God judges actions according to one’s intentions.

27. He who is free from prejudice and partiality can be just and can practise Karma Yoga.

28. Live in the present facing the duty at hand, without regret for the past or worry over the future.

29. Yesterday is gone. Forget it. Tomorrow is not here. Worry not. Today is present. Use it well.

30. To end well, begin well.

31. Duty calls for sacrifice.

32. Sacrifice is possible through selflessness.

33. Selflessness springs forth from love to others.

34. Live well. Do something well to accomplish a high purpose.

35. Live to serve humanity. This is highest Yoga.

iii. Be Detached

36. Detachment develops into devotion to God.

37. When the “I” ness disappears, all acts are the Lord’s own.

38. Work with a balanced mind, giving up all attachment.

39. Detachment is rooted in self-control.

40. Attachment leads to restlessness, which is the cause of man’s misery and pain.

41. The main obstacle to selfless service is desire.

42. When you want something for yourself, you will not serve others unselfishly.

43. Detachment dawns on man when he realises that all desires keep him chained to the wheel of birth and death.

44. You expect something and when you do not get it, there is disappointment. If you do not expect, you will never be disappointed.

45. He who serves all unselfishly will never be disappointed. He will be always happy.

46. Renunciation of the fruits of action is a means to Self-realisation.

iv. Make Divine Name Your Greatest Treasure

47. Name of the Lord is the repository of all blessedness.

48. Name of the Lord is the destroyer of the impurities of the mind.

49. Name of the Lord is the food that nourishes the aspirants who have started upon the journey to the supreme abode of bliss.

50. Name of the Lord is the life-breath of all virtuous people.

51. Lord’s Name is immortal.

52. Name of the Lord purifies the heart and draws the heart nearer to the Life Divine.

53. He who merely cries out the Name of the Lord without doing His will cannot attain God-realisation.

54. Sit silent, compose your mind. Invoke the Lord with love. Utter His Name constantly. He will reveal Himself in thy heart.

55. Repetition of the Holy Name of God is the one spiritual remedy for all ills.

56. Name purifies the mind and purifies the atmosphere too. It helps you in concentration. It subdues your passions.

v. Glory of Divine Name

57. The name of the Lord gives knowledge which books cannot give.

58. He who has the Name of the Lord in his heart is an Emperor of Emperors.

59. Between Name and God, there is no difference.

60. Name is the Lord Himself.

61. Name is a manifestation of the Lord.

62. Name awakens the sleeper. Name awakens the seeker.

63. To repeat the Name of the Lord is to stand in His Presence.

64. To repeat the Name is to rejoice in the Will of God.

65. The easiest path to God-realisation is constant remembrance of God.

66. The awakening of spiritual life starts with the repetition of Lord’s Name.

67. Do 10 millions of Japa of your Guru-mantra or Ishta-mantra or any Mantra.

68. He who drinks the nectar of the Name is immortal.

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