Lord Shanmukha And His Worship

by Swami Sivananda

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Paperback: 150 + xxx pages
ISBN: 81-7052-115-7
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Table of Contents

About This Book (Back Cover)  
The Need For Skanda-Sakti in Spiritual Sadhana —Sri Swami Chidananda vii
Lord Skanda —Sri Swami Krishnananda xvii
Hymn to Lord Shanmukha —Sri Swami Shanmukhananda xx
Saint Arunagiri’s Kandaranubhuti xxiv

Section One

1. Invocatory 1
2. The Worship of Lord Skanda 4
3. The Previous Birth of the Asuras 7
4. Sri Karttikeya and Tarakasura According to Skanda Maha Purana–Mahesvar Khanda 10

Section Two
Skanda Vijayam

1. Preliminary 14
2. Daksha Yajna 15
3. The Curse of Nandi 19
4. The Tyranny of the Asuras 23
5. Nativity and Boyhood 25
6. The Shadows of War 31
7. The Rout of the Asuras 34
8. The Downfall of Surapadma 40
9. The Weddings  
     (i) Deivayanai 42
     (ii) Valli 44
     (iii) The Marriage 45

Section Three
The Esoteric Significance
of The Story


Section Four
Bhakta-Saints of Lord Skanda

1. Narada 65
2. King Muchukunda 65
3. Siva Kavi 66
4. Nakkirar 66
5. Kachiyappa Sivachariar 69
6. Pakalli Koottar 70
7. Murugammaiyar 71
8. Arunagirinathar 72
9. Kumaragurupara Swamigal 75
10. Alagumuttu Pulavar 76

Section Five
Most Important Temples
of Lord Skanda


1. Thirupparankundram 79
2. Thiruchendur 80
3. Palani Hills 80
4. Swami Malai 82
5. Kundruthoradal 82
6. Palamuthirsolai 83
7. Achaleswar 83
8. Kathirkamam 84


1. Tiruchendur 84
2. Palani 85
3. Thiruthani 86
4. Swami Malai 86
5. Kathirkamam 87

Section Six
Skanda Shashthi Messages

1. 1945 88
2. 1946 90
3. 1947 93
4. 1980 96

Appendix I

Skandopanishad (Sanskrit Text) 111
Skandopanishad (English Meaning) 113
Karttikeya Stotra (Sanskrit Text) 115
Karttikeya Stotra (Transliteration) 116
Karttikeya Stotra (English Meaning) 117
Subrahmanya Mantra 119
Dhyana Sloka 119
Shanmukha Gayatri 120
Subrahmanya Ashtottarasatanamavali (in Sanskrit) 121
Devasena Namavali (in Sanskrit) 123
Valli Namavali (in Sanskrit) 126
Names of Lord Shanmukha 129

Appendix II

Kirtans of Lord Shanmukha 135

Appendix III

Kaavadi–The Symbol of Tapasya And Courage 143

Appendix IV

Bibliography 148

About This Book

The Advent of Lord Skanda or Karttikeya, the purpose of His incarnation as an Avatara and its significance should be of great importance and of immense value to seekers after Truth. Lord Skanda, also known as Shanmukha, is adored and worshipped with intense faith and devotion throughout South India and Sri Lanka. And naturally it will be of great interest to all His devotees, in particular, to know more about Him, the significance of His birth and His life and career as a victorious General.

Sri Swami Sivanandaji, the author of this book, graphically describes the above-mentioned subjects in his usual style,–inspiring and direct, instructive and illuminating, soul-elevating and at once impressive. It is needless to introduce him to the readers, who is so very well-known as a versatile genius in all the spiritual subjects and as an author of many an immortal and monumental work that breathes the spirit of ancient wisdom and of direct and intuitive realisation of the Supreme.

We consider the book as a masterpiece production and that it ranks with the other prominent works of Sri Swami Sivanandaji.



Dedicated to
The Consort of Valli, Deivayanai,
The Destroyer of all Asuric Forces,
and the Bestower of Divine Strength,
Wisdom, Peace, Bliss and Immotality
And to
All His Devotees and
Seekers in the Path of Truth.



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