Lord Krishna, His Lilas and Teachings

by Swami Sivananda

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Paperback: 259 pages
ISBN: 8170520215
Book Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches
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Table of Contents

About This Book (Back Cover)
Ekasloki Bhagavatam 5
Chatuhsloki Bhagavatam 6
Salutations to Lord Krishna 8
Sri Krishnashtottarasatanamastotram 11
Madhurashtakam 13
The Song of Sweetness 14
Introduction 17


Lord Krishna 45
Birth of Lord Krishna 47
Birthday Celebration 49
Putana’s Deliverance 50
Overturning of the Cart 51
The Killing of Trinavarta 51
Showing Cosmic Vision to Yasoda 52
Naming Ceremony 52
Sports of the Child 53
Tying of Krishna 54
The Yamala-Arjuna Trees 54
The Fruit Seller 55
Vrindavan 56
Deliverance From Vatsasura 57
Deliverance From Bakasura 57
Deliverance From Aghasura 57
Brahma’s Delusion 57
Deliverance of Dhenukasura 59
Boys and Cows Saved From the Effect of Poison 60
Grace on the Kaliya Serpent 60
Swallowing Forest Fire 62
Pralambasura 62
The Forest Fire 63
The Music of the Flute 63
The Stealing of Clothes 64
Krishna and the Vedic Yajna 65
Abolition of Indra’s Worship 67
Raising of Govardhana 68
Coronation of Krishna 69
Nanda Rescued From Varuna 70
Commencement of Rasa Lila 71
Gopis Suffer Pangs of Separation and Search for Lord Krishna 76
Gopika Gitam 81
Sri Krishna Suddenly Appears and Consoles the Gopis 84
Gopis’ Love 86
Secret of Rasa Lila 89
Rasa Lila 96


Krishna and Uddhava 103
Avadhoota’s Story 106
Samsara 118
Bondage and Liberation 122
Sadhu and Bhakti 125
Glory of Satsanga 128
The Gunas 131
How to Withdraw From the Sense-Objects 133
Bhakti Yoga 138
Method of Meditation 141
The Siddhis 143
The Vibhutis or Powers of the Lord 147
The Duties of the Brahmacharin and the Householder 152
The Duties of Vanaprasthis and Sannyasins 159
Jnana and Vijnana 166
Yama and Niyama 170
The Three Paths: Karma, Bhakti And Jnana 172
Guna and Dosha 176
The Tattvas 182
Prakriti and Purusha 185
Reincarnation 187
Endurance 191
Sankhya 198
Sattva, Rajas and Tamas 201
Aila Gita 205
Kriya Yoga and Idol-Worship 209
Jnana Yoga 215
Bhakti Yoga 221


The Bhagavata Path 227
Kavi Instructs 228
Hari Instructs 230
Antariksha Instructs 232
Prabuddha Instructs How to Cross Maya 234
Pippalayana Instructs on the Nature of the Lord 237
Avirhotra Instructs on Karma Yoga 239
Drumila, the Son of Jayanti Describes the Lord’s Avataras 241
Chamasa Instructs 245
Karabhajana Instructs 247


Sri Krishnakarnamritam 253
Kunti’s Prayer 254
Prahlada’s Prayer 256

About This Book

This book deals with the advent, Lilas and teachings of Lord Krishna, Avatara of Lord Vishnu, Flute-Bearer of Vrindavana, Joy of Devaki, Beloved of Radha, Redeemer of the Fallen, Friend of Arjuna, The Ideal of the Devotees, Narrator of Bhagavad Gita.


Lord Krishna
the World-Teacher
and Flute-Bearer


It is very difficult for busy people to go through the whole book of Bhagavata. Therefore, I have condensed Sri Krishna’s life, Lilas and Teachings in this book in a most palatable and tasteful form. Even if you study one or two pages daily, you will develop devotion towards the Lord and attain eternal peace, bliss and immortality.

May you all drink the nectar of Bhagavata! May you all be endowed with faith and devotion to the Lord! May you all lead a life of purity and righteousness! May Lord Krishna be your centre, ideal and goal! May His blessings be upon you all! May the truths of Bhagavata be revealed unto you all, like the Amalaka fruit in hand, through the grace of Sri Krishna! Glory to Sri Vyasa and to Sri Suka!

May Lord Krishna, the joy of Devaki, the very life of Radha, the indweller of our hearts, the beloved of the Gopis protect and guide you all! May you all hear once more His sweet flute, the celestial music of the soul! May He become the charioteer of this body! May you all abide in Him for ever and enjoy the eternal bliss and supreme Peace!!

Ananda Kutir,
7th April, 1943


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