Himalaya Jyoti

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111 pages.


by Swami Sivananda

Table of Contents

Publishers’ Note

Chapter I
I. Rejoice, O Man!
II. The Greatest Gift of Gifts
III. Hearken to Thy Glorious Destiny
IV. Face Life Boldly; Be Heroic
V. Gladly Endeavour Unto Glory
VI. This Is Life Victorious
VII. Glory That Is Divine Life
VIII. Gems of Admonition

Chapter II
I. The Eternal Changeless Truth
II. The Highest Wealth
III. Realise Reality and Attain Freedom
IV. The Divine Word Leads to Attainment

Chapter III
I. The Supernal Splendour
II. The Lord Is Your Own
III. The Blissful Brotherhood
IV. Path to Blessedness
V. The Pinnacle of Glory
VI. Grandeur of Divinity

Chapter IV
I. The Upward Path
II. Steps to the Divine Pinnacle
III. The Divine Helping Hand
IV. Gems of Truth
V. Towards Inward Heights
VI. Advice to Aspirants–I
VII. Advice to Aspirants–II

Chapter V
I. Light on Divine Love
II. Radiance of Divine Love
III. Basis of Divine Love
IV. Feel God to be Thy Very Own

Chapter VI
I. Voice of the Perennial Peaks
II. Message of the Serene Snows
III. Light From India
IV. Living Ideal of Holy Bharatavarsha
V. What the World Needs
VI. Respond to the Call of Religion

Chapter VII
I. The Ancient Path to Immortality
II. Eternal Wisdom of India
III. The Glitter That Deludes
IV. The Bondage You Must Break
V. Pierce the Veil; Behold the Light

Chapter VIII
I. Advice from a Himalayan Abode
II. Admonitions from a Himalayan Hermitage
III. Sage Guidance
IV. The Ancient Truth

Chapter IX
I. Ascend unto Grandeur
II. Attain This Exalted Vision
III. Train Thy Mind to This Task
IV. Overcome the Arch-enemy
V. The True Victory
VI. The Master-power That Overcomes
VII. Transcend Intellect; Awaken Intuition
VIII. Arise on the Wings of Meditation
IX. Light from the Heights

Chapter X
I. Secret of World Welfare
II. India’s Message of Blessedness
III. Enemies to Human Happiness
IV. Overcome These Destructive Urges
V. O Man! Change Thyself; Usher In Peace
VI. India’s Formula for World Welfare












Publishers’ Note


Through the pages of this book, shines the Himalaya Jyoti. Himalaya Jyoti isthe Light of the Sages and Seers, who, by sleepless nights of intensemeditation, attained Illumination. We have a living Sage and Seer in our midst–SriSwami Sivanandaji Maharaj. This volume is the latest from His pen.

8th September, 1959


Chapter I


i. Rejoice, O Man!
ii. The Greatest Gift of Gifts.
iii. Hearken to Thy Glorious Destiny.
iv. Face Life Boldly; Be Heroic.
v. Gladly Endeavour Unto Glory.
vi. This Is Life Victorious.
vii. Glory That Is Divine Life.
viii. Gems of Admonition.

I. Rejoice, O Man!

1. You are the heir apparent of God. Why do you beg from door to door? Why doyou starve in the midst of plenty? All things are thine. Sun is thy brother.Moon is thy sister.

2. Lift up your mind and heart into divine glory. Recover your divine lustre.

3. Awake O Man! Thou art a pilgrim of the Infinite. Conquer desires andcravings and attain the peace that passeth understanding.

4. Come then. Wait not, go thou forth. Be afraid of nothing. March forwardand reach the goal of oneness with God.

5. Every man is a Divine Soul incarnate.

6. Man is divine in his essential nature.

7. Man was created for a higher destiny, for God-realisation.

8. In our real nature each one of us is divine. The purpose of humanexistence is our realisation of the divinity within ourselves.

9. Man is a pilgrim on his way to regain that which he has lost–God.

10. Find your way back to your Divine Home, the abode of eternal bliss andeverlasting peace.

11. O wanderer in the desert of this world! Beware of all mirages. Delay not.Tarry not. Be quick. Take up the torch of wisdom and hold it aloft so that itmay illumine your own path to the goal as well as the path of millions aroundyou. Make haste lest you repent. Conquer your lower mind.

12. Fear not. Know thou art the immortal Soul. Not this changing mortal body.Go, dwell in peace. Dwell in that supreme Silence. Ever assert your latentDivinity.

13. O Man! Believe in the Supreme Power of God, the unseen teacher, Whothrough Nature Herself teaches men the secret and source of eternal bliss. Wakeup. Wake up from the slumber of ignorance.

14. You are already pure, free and perfect. You are not to bring anythingfrom outside to make yourself perfect. You will have to remove the veil only.You must realise the divinity that is already in you.

II. The Greatest Gift of Gifts

15. Forget not this, O man! This human birth is a gift from God. Waste notthis life in sensual pleasures. You cannot get this human body again and again.Meditate. Grow in wisdom. Attain illumination.

16. It is man’s birthright to be free. It is his inheritance to come inconscious possession or realisation of the treasure-house of infinitude, eternalwisdom and everlasting bliss.

17. The realisation of Absolute Consciousness or Brahman is the destiny ofman.

18. The highest duty of man is to know the spiritual Truth of Non-duality.

19. At some period in our unfoldment, each of us realises the truth of ourdivinity.

20. Man’s life is incomplete until the Supreme Consciousness begins tomanifest and unfold in him.

21. Be not afraid of anything. You can do wonders. Your essential nature isfearlessness. Fearlessness is Brahman, the Absolute. Tat Tvam Asi. Thou artBrahman. Be bold.

22. Immortality is thy birthright. Realise this now and here.

23. Endeavour to realise the presence of God as a living power in your life.

24. Man’s pilgrimage through the many to the One is the most sacredpilgrimage. His pilgrimage is a pilgrimage through sorrow and pain to the goalof bliss in God who is Bliss.

25. Mind is constituted of the essence of food. Life is nourished by food.Life and breath is the basis for Tapas. Food is the basis for life. Physicallife is the basis for the spiritual life. Keep the body healthy and strong.

26. The happiness of man lies not in wealth or body, but in righteousness,renunciation, understanding, discrimination, meditation and Self-realisation.

27. As Truth and Wisdom is the core of man’s being, the natural urge ofevery man is, in some way, to know what the ultimate Truth is and of his ownTrue Nature.

28. The idea of man’s inherent divinity is as old as time.

29. There is within you Brahman or the Eternal Consciousness, an ImmortalFlame.

30. The source of Grace and illumination is open to every man.

31. Look not outside for light, peace, joy and bliss, but look within.

32. True happiness is not beyond in some luxurious heaven. It is here in yourheart, in your own Atman or soul.

33. Truth must be discovered in the depth of one’s own being.

34. The Lord dwells in your heart. Wander not afar. But go within and meetHim. Abide in Him peacefully for ever.

35. In the depths of your soul the voice Eternal speaks: “Wake up. Thouart Immortal All-blissful Soul. Tat Tvam Asi.”

36. Aim at finding your centre. It is within you. It is Brahman or theSupreme Self. Do not move on the circumference of life. Touch the depths ofconscience.

37. Swim in the ocean of bliss. Enjoy the stupendous Stillness. Plunge in theriver of Eternal Life. Realise the Eternal Light of the Divine Reality.

III. Hearken to Thy Glorious Destiny

38. Man’s future is absolutely in his own hands, and entirely depends uponhis will, right thinking and right exertion.

39. Your life is what you have made by your own thoughts and actions.

40. By sublime thinking, life can be made nobler and happier.

41. You are born with subtle impressions and tendencies brought from previouslives. You also acquire new ones in your present life. Good tendencies help yourspiritual progress. Evil ones obstruct your spiritual advancement.

42. A man is born into the world that he has made.

43. Karma or deeds do not perish. They produce effects.

44. Karma or action, whether bad or good, decides the character of man’snext life. Perform good deeds.

45. Sow a thought and you reap an act. Sow an act and you reap a habit; sow ahabit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny. You havecreated your destiny. You can undo your destiny by thinking: “I amall-pervading Immortal Atman.”

46. The Karma Theory alone can explain the inequality of temperament andcircumstances, which we see in men.

47. One need not necessarily or always have to wait for another birth toenjoy the fruits of present Karma. According to the intensity and enormity ofthe merit or demerit of the Karmas, one can experience their fruits within 4years, 4 months, or 4 days.

48. There is nothing wrong with the world, but there is something with you,with you only. Examine. Analyse and know. You will be ever happy.

49. Love God. Know God. You will have everything. You will be full.

50. Listen. God will speak. Obey, God will act.

51. This world is your silent teacher. It is a vast university.

52. A strong faith, a strong will and a strong determination can accomplishanything in this world. Therefore, develop faith, will and determination.

53. Fear of failures attracts failure. Be hopeful. Be courageous. Courage ishope. Hope is courage.

54. Strong determination will give you sure success in all undertakings andin the spiritual path.

55. Note down every day what mistakes you have committed. Correct yourself.Do not repeat them. Pray. Cultivate virtues. You will grow in purity, strengthand wisdom.

56. Nothing is impossible to one who has an irresistible, pure andindomitable will.

57. Prepare a plan for self-development and carry it through with strongdetermination and strong will, with patience and perseverance.

58. Man alone is competent for Karma and Knowledge. He is endowed withdiscrimination and reason. So he is pre-eminent in God’s creation.

59. Renounce all weakness. Awake! Awake! Deathless art thou, infinite,immortal art thou. Live in the Eternal.

60. Renounce all weakness. Awake! Awake! Take sorrow and happiness as giftsto thee from God. Immortal, endless, infinite art thou. Work, yet be detachedfrom work. Seek not the fruits of work. Dedicate thy life to God.

IV. Face Life Boldly; Be Heroic

61. Be of single aim. Have definite purpose. Apply tenaciously. Be regularand diligent. You will always succeed.

62. You came alone. You will go alone. Know thy Self. Be optimistic. Havecomprehension. Strive. Discover the Reality in your heart. Turn to the DivineSource and become one with it.

63. Study the “Voice of the Himalayas.” Become spiritual.Elevate yourself. Become illumined. Practise and become perfect.

64. Repentance–change of mind, is the gateway to moral and spiritualuplift.

65. Keep cool and collected in all adverse situations. Do not be depressed.Give up anxieties. Have full faith in God. This is the way to success.

66. Every fall is a rise. Every defeat is a spur to a greater victory. Everyfailure is a stepping-stone to success. Every sleep is a prelude to a newawakening. Nil desperandum. Never despair.

67. Failure is a better teacher than success.

68. Be steadfast. Have patience in your endeavours. Endure all kinds of painsand sufferings. You will be successful.

69. Endeavour enables man to endure and endurance stimulates his endeavour.

70. No endeavour can lead to success unless it is accompanied by endurance.

71. Be patient. Be forbearing. Be forgiving. You will enjoy harmony andpeace. You will develop will-power.

72. We are all in God’s hands. God’s hand is in everything that happens.So everything must come to pass at the right time.

73. Interest, attention, self-confidence and concentration are the requisitesfor attaining Samadhi or God-realisation and success in all undertakings.

74. Man verily is the sacrifice.

75. If you want salvation, renounce all objects as poison. Take recourse tomercy, cosmic love, truthfulness, courage, dispassion, serenity, discrimination,self-restraint as nectar.

76. Admonish thyself, watch thyself, lift thyself and control thyself.

77. Happy is he who is endowed with discrimination, dispassion andaspiration. Happy is he who is meditating earnestly. Happy is he who is restingin his own Satchidananda Svarupa in Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

78. Man alone has an intelligence, discrimination, a conscience and spiritualaspiration. So, he will attain God-realisation.

79. Renounce cravings and egoism. Be passion-free. Sacrifice your heart, mindand will to the Lord. Be devoted to the Lord. Be serene. Be pure at heart. Youwill enter into the Lord. You will win for ever and ever the peace eternal.

80. Spirituality is a mighty dynamic force, which helps to attain the onlyhuman goal–God-realisation.

81. Do not live to die but die to live.

82. Life is an adventure aimed at capturing the city of Eternal Bliss andImmortality.

V. Gladly Endeavour Unto Glory

83. There are two inclinations in man. One prompts him to do good and theother impels him to do evil. There is an eternal fight within between good andevil. Meditate. You will gain strength to conquer evil. Pray. You will get helpfrom God to fight against evil.

84. There is an internal war in man between reason and the passion, betweenSattva and Rajas, between good and evil.

85. Believe in the ultimate triumph of good in every situation.

86. Slay egoism. Annihilate selfishness, desires and cravings. Kill lust.This is real crucifixion.

87. Do the right. Have full trust in God. You will always be protected.

88. Vow is beneficial to prevent you from lapsing into error. If you take avow and then go on giving up, it is not a vow at all, but a proof of yourfickleness. Make solemn resolves; do not take a vow. If you take a vow, youshould stick to it at all costs. Otherwise vows will lose their sanctity.

89. Life is sustained on hope and aspiration, the struggle for betterment andthe zest for fulfilment.

90. Aim fervently for the attainment of a perfect life.

91. Mind your own business. Do not interfere or meddle with others’business. Learn to be silent.

92. Be not a slave of your social and economic environments.

93. The senses and mind tell you that the worldly experience is real but theViveka or discrimination tells you that the worldly experience is an illusion.

94. The mind tells you that this body is the soul but enquiry tells you thatthe immortal Self distinct from the body, is the eternal Atman.

95. Discriminate between the real and unreal, between right and wrong,between good and evil, the selfish and unselfish, the divine and the undivine,between truth and falsehood.

96. He who has no discrimination is really blind.

97. Build the fortress of discrimination, construct the gate ofself-restraint, annihilate temptation by the sword of knowledge.

98. Subdue passion of a brute nature. Control the animal characteristics. Youwill attain God-realisation.

99. Come. Listen. Practise. Meditate. Live a dynamic life of truth, purity,unity and divinity. Attain the inward stillness and silence.

VI. This Is Life Victorious

100. The basic urge in life, to rise above limitations, to progress towardsthe ever-elusive goal of perfection, continues to throb in the heart of man.

101. The most vital and fundamental hankering of every individual is to behappy. The desire to be happy precedes the desire to know.

102. Why does man seek and what does he seek? Undoubtedly man seeks becausehe is not satisfied with things as they are, because he does not want to sufferand he seeks that which will deliver him from suffering–he seeks foreverlasting happiness.

103. Money can help you to get medicines but not health. Money can help youto get soft pillows but not sound sleep. Money can help you to get materialcomforts but not eternal bliss. Money can help you to get ornaments but notbeauty. Money can help you to get electric ear-phone but not hearing. Attain thesupreme wealth of wisdom. You will have everything.

104. You will have to break many bonds to arrive at eternal happiness.

105. Life’s richest treasure is in the synthesis of Satchidananda.

106. The goal of life is liberation, that is, freedom from the fetters ofever-returning birth and death and from the misery flowing from this cycle.

107. The goal of life is to attain everlasting happiness. God is everlastinghappiness.

108. The only thing worth seeking in life is God.

109. Grow by your inner and outer experience till you can live in God.

110. To live in God is to become God. To know God is to become God.

111. Remember always God and the purpose of life.

112. Without realisation of the Self, life has no aim, no purpose, no supportand so is futile.

113. With the Light and Truth direct your daily life. Live constantly inAtman or the Supreme Self.

114. Abstention from sinful actions, steady practice of virtues, goodconduct, the due observance of all religious duties and meditation will help oneto attain God-realisation.

115. Remember, egoism and the senses are your real enemies. Slay themruthlessly through self-surrender and self-restraint.

116. Body is your servant. Control it. Do not allow it to master you. Makethe body your ever-obedient and willing servant.

117. He who has self-control, self-restraint and self-denial is a truereligious man and a Yogi.

118. Purify the body through the practice of Yoga Asanas and Brahmacharya.Purify the Prana through the practice of Pranayama. Purify the mind through Japaand Kirtan. Purify the intellect through right enquiry. Realise the Atmanthrough constant meditation. Awake. Arise. Strive hard to reach the goal.

VII. Glory That Is Divine Life

119. Life is precious. Time is precious. Hear the call of life, a link in thechain of time.

120. Remember; time is very precious. Time once wasted is lost for ever.

121. Selfless service of humanity, sacrifice and meditation constitute thetripod of human existence.

122. “Be good. Do good.” This is life divine.

123. Lead a life of truth, compassion, service and love. This is the secretof life divine.

124. Live the divine life, filled with love, kindness and goodness.

125. Learn to live in harmony. Walk in the way of divine life.

126. Man cannot receive the Divine Light or Wisdom unless he is prepared toreceive It.

127. Live today well. Lead the life divine. You will have a better lifetomorrow.

128. In giving you receive. In dying to this little self, you will findeternal life.

129. Pray. Live the truth to the best of your ability.

130. Life is a great school for the development of character.

131. If you lead a life of non-attachment, no one will be able to injure you.

132. Life and love are imperishable.

133. Make love your rosary. Make love your scriptures.

134. Have friendliness with your equals; compassion for those in sorrow; joyin the joy of others and superiors; and indifference and absence of ill-will andanger for the wicked men. You will be peaceful and happy.

135. Participate in a prayerful, faith-filled approach towards life.

136. Humility, prayer, Japa, meditation, trying to live in the presence ofGod and offering all actions to God will help you to attain God-realisationquickly.

137. Believe in eternal life. Realise it through purity, faith, devotion andmeditation.

VIII. Gems of Admonition

138. A worldly man is spiritually dead.

139. A righteous man, who is tranquil, who is composed can attainSelf-realisation.

140. Do not become excited when persons or conditions seem out of harmony.

141. Let little things not annoy you. Let great things not throw you out ofbalance.

142. Be patient. Be forbearing. Be forgiving. Be poised.

143. Avoid the extreme of self-indulgence and self-mortification. Be moderatein everything. Follow the golden medium or the middle path.

144. Cultivate temperance, courage, practical wisdom, justice. Release themind from dependence on the things of senses.

145. Do not be a victim to imaginary ills and diseases.

146. All evil is transitory. Be always happy and serene. Avoid the incessantworry over little things.

147. Do not imitate. Be yourself. Be simple. Be original. Be pure. Be humble.

148. Do not pretend. Be honest. Be sincere. The Divine Light will not descendon one who pretends and is dishonest.

149. The goal is one for all. The path and the means to reach the goal varywith the pilgrims.

150. As the depths of the ocean are calm though terrible wind agitates thesurface, so be thou calm by diving deep into the chambers of your heart andabiding in your own Atman.

151. Countless may be the books you have read; of what avail are they? Manymay be your charitable acts, building of rest houses; of what avail are they?Far are you from God if there be not faith and devotion in your heart.

152. Ethics and Sadhana open the door to the truths of Spirit. 

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