Guru Tattva

by Swami Sivananda

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Book Code: ES52
118 pages
ISBN: 817052069X
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Table of Contents

Publishers’ Note (6)
I.The Role of the Guru 9
II.Duties and Privileges of Discipleship 22
III. Significance of the Holy Guru-Purnima Day 31
IV. Maharshi Vyasa and His Contribution to Hindu Scripture 36
V. Sri Dakshinamurti 42
VI. Lord Dattatreya and His Twenty-Four Gurus 44
VII. Gurudom: A Deadly Canker 55

VIII. A Talk to Sannyasins

IX. Guru-Bhakti Yoga 71
X. Appendix:Essence of Guru Gita 103

Publishers’ Note

In spite of much that has been written on the concept of a spiritual Guru, there is still a good deal of confusion, misunderstanding, and skepticism in the public mind on this vital matter.

Is a Guru absolutely necessary? Who is a Satguru? How far can he help his Chela (disciple)? What are the duties of a disciple? What is the meaning of Initiation? Want of clear-cut and definite answers to these and related questions often impedes the spiritual progress of earnest aspirants.

Under the circumstances, the present book by Satguru Sivanandaji Maharaj should come as a boon to many. Within its pages, the reader will find an authoritative, succinct and bold elucidation of the entire subject of Guru-disciple relationship.

We have great pleasure in releasing this book for the benefit of spiritually thirsty men and women all over the world. May the blessings of the Lord and the Brahma-Vidya Gurus be upon all!


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