Divine Nectar

by Swami Sivananda

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xvi+318 pages
ISBN: 8170520231
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Table of Contents

Publishers’ Note v
Universal Prayer vii
Questions and Answers ix
Sri Swami Sivananda’s Letter xiv
Sayings of Swami Sivananda 1
Amrita Vani 10
Philosophy and Teachings of Swami Sivananda 28

Spiritual Proverbs

The Science of Life 39
So Says Sivananda 43
Thus Awakens Swami Sivananda 64
Thus Initiates Sri Swami Sivananda 77
Thus Illumines Sivananda 89
Nectar Drops 105
Immortal Teachings 125
Sivananda Upadeshamritam 131
Guide to Sadhakas 163
Thought-Gems 172
The Ageless Wisdom 177
Nivritti-Niyamas—Instructions to Sannyasins 179
Sayings of Swami Sivananda 182
Yoga—The Divine Science 186
Pearls of Wisdom 189
Wisdom Sparks 190
ABC of Good Conduct 191
Spiritual Experiences 192
Thus Inspires Swami Sivananda 193
Sayings of Siva 208
Inspiring Sayings of Swami Sivananda 218
Voice of Sivananda 223
Yoga in a Nutshell 229
Philosophy and Teachings of Swami Sivananda 232
All About Desires 289
All About Divine Life 301
Sayings of Swami Sivananda—I 309
Sayings of Swami Sivananda—II 312
Sayings of Swami Sivananda—III 315
Voice of Swami Sivananda 316
Adverbial Commandments of Swami Sivananda 318


These are the days when the world is very busy running after material achievements. For a worldly mind blinded by gross sensuality nothing beyond the ken of material sciences appears to have any value or charm. Progress is always conceived and measured by them in terms of worldly goods and chattel. The materialistic philosophy has many a camp-follower, and the prophets of the creed of “Eat, drink and be merry” are also increasing in number. As a result, the world has become a veritable battlefield, because fight is inevitable where innumerable individuals actuated by insatiable ambitions run after enjoyments and objects which are limited in number and conditioned by so many relative causes. This earthly plane is finite, limited and subject to change and destruction. Unless some saving power comes to the rescue of humanity to extricate it from the hopelessness of inadequate concepts and imperfect ideologies, the humanity would be irretrievably lost.

This saving power should be necessarily the opposite of the materialistic forces, and should lead a man to the real goal and achievement of human life. Really they should be more powerful than the materialistic forces lest they lose the battle. The world has always been fortunate to have the support of such spiritual powers which remedied the ills of humanity, and bestowed a new lease of life, full of light and happiness, on its votaries. It is a pity only a few always sought for light!

We place before the beloved aspirant-world another work of Master Sivananda, the Master of the New Age, containing a masterly exposition of the principles and methods of practice of the life-saving spiritual science.

Aptly it has been named as “DIVINE NECTAR”, as the aspirant once tasting a drop of it will not rest content until he gulps the whole lot. Siva’s writings are not pedantic boredoms, but a sweet music of depth and beauty thrilling its hearers and readers, and transforming them top-to-bottom unawares. They are simple, directly addressed and unfailing in hitting the desired target.

Dear Reader, dive deep into the nectarine writings of this work and be blessed.



Thou art, O Lord! the Creator of this Universe. Thou art the Protector of this World. Thou art in the grass and the rose. Thou art in the sun and the stars. Salutations unto Thee, O Destroyer of the cycle of births and deaths! Salutations unto Thee, O Bestower of Bliss and Immortality!

O Sweet Lord! May I be free from the bonds of death. May I never forget my immortal nature. May I be able to look upon all beings with equal vision! May I attain the Supreme seat of Brahman! May I be free from impurity and sin! May I know my real essential nature.

Adorations to the Supreme Being, Who dwells in the hearts of all beings, Who is in the fire and water, Who is in the plants, herbs and trees, Who is in the stone, brick and iron bars, and Who is pervading the whole universe.

I bow to Thee, O Secret of secrets! I bow to Thee, O Indweller of our hearts! I bow to Thee, O Silent Witness of all activities of all minds! I bow to Thee, O Inner Ruler of all beings, who pervades and permeates and interpenetrates all things of this universe.

Salutations to Thee, the Supreme Lord! Thou art without beginning and end. Thou art the flower.

Thou art the bee. Thou art woman. Thou art man. Thou art the sea. Thou art the waves. Thou art the old man tottering with a stick. Thou art the saint. Thou art the rogue.

Thou art Light Divine. Thou art Light of knowledge. Thou art the Dispeller of darkness. Thou art the Supreme Guru. Thou art beyond the reach of mind and speech. Thou art beyond any kind of limitation. Thou art the Self of this universe.

Thou art Self-luminous. Thou art without parts, without actions, without limbs, without any taint or fault, without birth and death. Thou art our Father, Mother, Brother, Friend, Relative, Guru and Sole Refuge. Thou art the embodiment of Peace, Bliss, Power, Knowledge, strength and Beauty.

O All-merciful Lord! Through Thy Grace, may I realise Truth. May I always entertain sublime thoughts. May I realise myself as the Light Divine. May I serve humanity with Atma-Bhava. May I be free from greed, lust, egoism, jealousy, hatred. May I behold the one sweet immortal Self in all beings. May I realise Brahman with pure understanding.

May that Light of Lights ever guide me! May He cleanse my mind of all impurities! May He inspire me! May He bestow on me Power, Courage and Strength. May He remove the veil in the mind. May He remove all obstacles in the spiritual path. May He make my life happy and fruitful. I bow to Thee, O Lord of Lords, O God of gods, O Deva of Devas, the Brahman of the Upanishads, the Support for Maya and Ishvar, the Supreme Bridge to Immortality.

Om Shantih! Shantih! Shantih!


Q.: How can a person who has been thinking in a negative way for a long time, change to positive thinking?

A.: Let him start with some positive suggestive formulas “I am hale and hearty. I am healthy. There is nothing wrong with me. I was under a misconception of my own abilities and capacities. Now I have realised my real nature.” Let him do it with the help of some advanced person in Yoga or a devotee of the Lord. Let him start with a prayer to the Lord. Let him make prayer a part of his daily life and a must in life. All negative thinking will end and he will become quite normal.

Q.: Is it true that some gem stones have beneficial properties?

A.: Yes. They can help one to a certain extent.

Q.: Will you please tell me the name of the King by whose name India is named?

A.: King Bharata. This country is called Bharatavarsha after him. Now they call by the name of India.

Q. What is your opinion of drugs and their effects on the nerves?

A.: Drugs do exercise influence on the nerves and the mind, particularly those in which alcohol is mixed.

Q.: Do you think Yoga teaching is the answer to the overpopulation problem?

A.: Yes. Restraint is the remedy for overpopulation.


(Taken from “Film India, ” May and July 1960 Issues)

Q.: My spiritual development is nil despite 25 years of age?

A.: And you are a very intelligent man otherwise. What a pity! And a greater pity, seeing that you should be named Ram, a constant prayer of every Hindu in distress. At least for my sake you report to me next year that you have read all the works of Swami Sivananda.

Q.: In the group photograph you look so insignificant before Swami Sivananda.

A.: Swamiji gets Government grants. I get Government tax threats.

Q.: I want to see the land of milk and honey.

A.: Go to the Sivanandashram in Rishikesh. You will get both milk and honey without money.


(Taken from “Mother India, “April 1962 Issue)

Q.: How to guarantee a good position in the next birth:?

A.: That is the one thing we can do without the help of God. Follow Swami Sivananda’s Mantra “Be good. Do good.”

Q.: How rich is Swami Sivananda?

A.: The Samsara of a Sannyasi cannot be measured in money. Swamiji’s estate is a spiritual empire spreading to various countries.

Q.: Does Swami Sivananda ever sing?

A.: Swamiji is a singing Sadhu. He sings in English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Sanskrit. And he sings beautifully because he sings the songs of God in the melody of divine faith. 

February 10th, 1957

Sri Pannalal,

What is Divine Life?

To shed the animal in man and to sublimate the human in him into the Divine; to express this sublimation in his daily, hourly life in thought, word and deed—that is Divine Life.

To pray, to do Japa, to sing His glory, to do Kirtan, to meditate on the Lord, is Divine Life.


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