Come Along Let’s Play

(Excerpts from Swami Sivananda’s Writings)

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63 pages
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Table of Contents

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Preface (5)

1. God Loves You

2. The Divine Call 9
3. Have Faith in God 10
4. The Three “G-G-G” 11
5. Always be Neat and Clean 12
6. Eradicate Laziness 13
7. The Cream of Divine Life 14
8. A Word on Brahmacharya 15
9. Lecture by Milk 17
10. Be Good Do Good 18
11. Riddle Corner – 1 21
12. Best Six Doctors 23
13. Health and Strength 24
14. A Message to the Youth 26
15. Mother India 27
16. Siva’s ABC for Introspection – I 28
17. The Student’s Duty 30
18. Take Care of Little Things 33
19. Self-Reliance 34
20. Best Insurance Co. 36
21. Riddle Corner – 2 37
22. Parable of the Brainy Boy 39
23. Autobiography of Laddu 40
24. You Cannot Cheat the Indweller 42
25. God is Now Here 44
26. A Divine Herb 45
27. Rules of Speech 46
28. Twenty Important Instructions For Students 47
29. Riddle Corner -3 49
30. Sibi 51
31. Siva’s ABC For Introspection – II 52
32. Daily Diary For Students 54
33. An Ideal Daily Routine For Students 57
34. Universal Prayer 60

Back Cover

The great Lord plays with the cosmos as well with the embodied beings. Everything and everywhere is His playground. “Khelati Brahmande Bhagavan Khelati Pindande….”

If we let Him play, He plays through us. For this hospitality of ours, He shares His Bliss and Peace with us. He cannot play without us. We cannot enjoy happiness without Him.

Let the Lord, our team leader, decide the game for us. Come along, let’s join Him.


A boy wanders in the wilderness and picks precious stones. He collects them in his pocket and presents a handful to his mother. Mother in turn makes a beautiful garland out of them and puts it around his neck telling, “Dear son, always wear it, never let it be away from you. They are not mere stones, but gems precious, walked over by a Master so great, blessed shall thee be ever, in its protection.”

This story is re-enacted here. This book too is a garland of beautiful gems, picked from the ocean-like literature of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. Whether one is a student, youth, a grown up, or even on shaky ground of old age, this garland will shine around the neck and add beauty, vigour and vitality to the life, as in essence, all are students till they learn the lessons of the highest truth of life.

The call to play is the call to Liberation. To enter into, one has to shed everything; inhibitions, concepts, delusions etc. Once a Master has said, “The Path is so narrow that you cannot take anything along with, not only that, you cannot take yourself also along with!”

Wear this garland, be childlike, enjoy the company of the Master and recognize your best friend, who is none else but you yourself!

–The Divine Life Society


God loves you. He gives you many good things. He gives you food to eat and clothes to wear. He has given you ears to hear, eyes to see, a nose to smell, tongue to taste, hands to feel and work and legs to walk.

You cannot see God with your fleshy eyes but He sees you. He takes care of you. He knows all that you do.

He is very kind to you. Love Him. Praise Him. Sing His Name and glory. Pray to Him to keep you away from all sins. He will be pleased with you. He will bless you.


O ye children of this sacred soil!
O ye students of schools and colleges!
You are the hope of this world,
Build up your body and character.

Awaken in you the religious spirit,
Enliven in you the devotional sentiment;
Become true Yogis or sages,
No philosophy without practical life.

Serve the saints, the sick and the poor,
Protect women and the weak;
Protect your ancient eternal religion,
Learn and meditate on the scriptures.

Purify and regain your lost divinity,
Be just, true, honest and sincere;
Float high the banner of Truth,
And shine as a dynamic Yogi.

Have equal vision and broad tolerance,
Don’t attack any religion or cult;
Take the essence of all the religions,
Respect all prophets and saints.


Have perfect faith in God. Have faith in
the Holy Scriptures and in the words of the
great men. Have faith in your own self.
Have faith in the grace of the Lord and in
the power of His Name.

Faith can move mountains. Faith can work
wonders. Strengthen the faith if it is
flickering, by contact with sages and
devotees and study of holy books. Open your
heart to God. Become as simple as a

Nama Deva had intense faith in Lord
Krishna. The Lord ate the food given by
Nama Deva. Prahlada had unswerving faith
in the Lord Hari. The Lord saved him when
he was troubled by his cruel father. Lord
Siva gave Darshan to Kannappa.


Ganga, Gayatri and Gita
Are the three ‘G’s.
Worship them daily
With faith and devotion.

They are manifestations
Of the Para Shakti.
Ganga will purify you,
Gayatri will illumine you,
Gita will inspire you.

Take bath in the Ganga
Before sunrise.
Repeat Gayatri 1008 times,
Study the whole Gita.

All the Devatas will adore you,
You will become a great Yogi,
You will have health and long life,
You will attain God-realisation.


Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanliness makes you smart and active. If you are clean you will be healthy. Take a bath in cold water daily. Clean your teeth well. Put on a clean dress. Wash your cloths daily. Be clean in thought, word and action also.

Keep your room very clean. Remove all rubbish, dust and waste-paper. Sweep it daily. Many diseases will disappear.

If you are clean, your teachers will like you. All will like you. You will have a charming personality. Everybody hates a dirty man.

Keep your notebook clean. If you write your answers neatly, the examiners will be pleased with you. They will give you credit marks also.


Maharaja Pratap Singh dug a pit on the road.
He put inside the pit a big golden bar
And covered it with a big stone.
Several people were passing along the road
And cursed the man who put the big stone on the road.
No one removed the stone.
That was causing trouble to the people.

One day he asked his minister
To arrange for a meeting near the big stone.
The minister carried out the order of the Maharaja.
The Maharaja asked his servant to remove the stone
All the people saw the big golden bar.

The Maharaja said,
“In this world all people are lazy and inert:
No one cared to remove the stone;
Everybody was cursing others.

Laziness is the cause for all deterioration.
If anyone had been energetic,
He would have obtained the golden bar.”

Remove laziness, be ever vigilant and diligent.
You can attain success in every undertaking.

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