Analects of Swami Sivananda

by Swami Sivananda

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111 pages
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Table of Contents

About This Book (Back Cover)  

Chapter 1


(i) Treasure of Treasures

(ii) Science of the Supreme 14
(iii) The Great Path 16
(iv) Mysterious Divine Essence 18
(v) Brahmic Realisation Bestows Release 20

Chapter 2

(i) What Is Life? 22
(ii) Your Main Task 23
(iii) Secret of Happiness 25
(iv) Path of Joy 26

Chapter 3

(i) The Seeker’s Path 29
(ii) Discrimination Is Most Important 30
(iii) Cultivate Dispassion 31
(iv) Beware of Attachment 33
(v) Slay Desires 35
(vi) Cultivate Virtues 36
(vii) Sadhana Is Indispensable 37
(viii) Follow the Master 40
(ix) Words of Light. 41

Chapter 4

(i) Unreal and the Real 43
(ii) Web of Illusion  
(iii) The Light of Lights 46
(iv) Strive After the Truth 48
(v) Truth Transcendental 50

Chapter 5

(i) Root of Illusion 54
(ii) The Higher Mind 55
(iii) Mind as Ego 57
(iv) Secret of Supreme Attainment 60
(v) Blissful Illumination 62

Chapter 6

(i) Saints’ Company Transforms Life 65
(ii) General Teachings 66
(iii) Ancient Wisdom 68
(iv) Saints and Sages 70
(v) Vision of the Sage 72
(vi) The Ideal Man 73
(vii) The Fruit of Wisdom 74

Chapter 7

(i) O Man! Be Wise 77
(ii) Strive for Perfection 78
(iii) How to Live? 80
(iv) Reflect, Practise, Realise 81

Chapter 8

(i) The Blessed Law 84
(ii) O Man! Be Moral 85
(iii) Be Virtuous; Be Bold 87
(iv) The Ideal of India 88
(v) Principles of Dharma 89
(vi) India’s Message to Mankind–1 92
(vii) India’s Message to Mankind–2 93
(viii) India’s Message to Mankind–3 94

Chapter 9


(i) God Is Your Goal

(ii) God is the Eternal Reality 98
(iii) God Pervades Your Life 99
(iv) Religion Ennobles Life 100
(v) Religion Reveals God 102
(vi) Service Begets Devotion 104
(vii) Devotion Bestows Divine Realisation 106
(viii) Obtain Grace Through Prayer 107
(ix) God Is Your Own 108
(x) The Holy Life 109

About This Book

His Holiness Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj did not write text books as such. The books he wrote were the outpourings of wisdom from his own direct realisation of the Truth.

From his books you will derive not only the benefit of his wisdom and knowledge of both practical and esoteric matters pertaining to Yoga, but also the power of his spiritual force.

Swamiji had a unique style–simple, direct and compelling. His books are not dull treatises on Yoga and philosophy, rather his enthusiasm and eagerness to help all is evident in every page, lifting the reader to new heights of understanding. His message is addressed particularly and directly to the people living in the busy world of today. To them his books are a boon. In simple words set in simple sentences, Swamiji gives grand truths in a gentle way.

Here is another gem from the Diadem of Divine Life. It radiates the light of Divine Life that Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has been shedding from the past many years.

THE ANALECTS deals with the fundamental problems of life and gives in a succinct, clear and inspiring language the essentials of a divine life.

We are confident that this book will receive at the hands of the public the same warm welcome that the previous books in this series enjoyed.

Chapter 2The Art of Living

(i) What Is Life?
(ii) Your Main Task.
(iii) Secret of Happiness.
(iv) Path of Joy.

(i) What Is Life?

1. What is the meaning of life? Who is man? Who, whence, whether, why, what?…. These are some important problems that affect all humanity.

2. Life is a voyage to reach the Goal, the other shore of fearlessness and immortality.

3. Life is a pilgrimage to the shrine of Eternal Wisdom. Life is a journey to the Kingdom of Immortal Bliss.

4. Life is a song. Life is a poem. Life is a drama. Life is divine music.

5. The life-stream of man flows as long as it is propelled by the force of Karma, one’s actions.

6. Live for God and for Him alone.

7. Life in reality is a great moment towards the attainment of God-realisation.

8. The highest goal of man is the knowledge of Brahman or the knowledge of one’s own self.

9. The aim is one, and many are the angles of vision. The goal is one and many are the ways leading thereto.

10. O Man! Brief is the life like a bubble, like the lightning. Make thy life beautiful through meditation and selfless service.

11. This human body is a boat. Guru is its pilot. God is the favourable wind that pushes the boat on.

12. O Man! You fritter away the precious life in indulging in vain projects of various kinds and are never able to realise your true goal.

13. O Ye, wanderer in darkness of ignorance and who art weary! Come out of the darkness into light–the light of the other shore where wisdom shines and peace abides.

(ii) Your Main Task

14. This is a world of pain and death, change, disease and decay–all inseparable attributes of things here.

15. To worry yourself about its why and whereof is futile. But to strive calmly yet earnestly by all means to serve and to help everyone is indeed noble.

16. Live with a definite programme for your everyday life.

17. Lead a life in tune with nature and all fellow creatures.

18. O Man! Make such a preparation here that when the last hour strikes, you can accept it with perfect joy, serenity, peace, cheerfulness and radiant smile.

19. O students of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy! Preach ye the Life Divine, a life of holiness, purity, sacrifice, selfless service, renunciation and cosmic love.

20. Even the gods envy those who are virtuous, who practise meditation, who are dispassionate and discriminative, who are wise and illumined.

21. Come, disciples! Lead the Life Divine. Cultivate virtues. Meditate seriously. Attain illumination now and here.

22. Always be intent on bringing about the good and the happiness of others. Your life is blessed.

23. Live for others. Love all creatures and animals.

24. Be aware of your real nature. You are blissful immortal Atman.

25. Root yourself in Brahman or Atman and live the Divine Life.

26. Seek out the way. Reach the goal now and here. Rest peacefully for ever.

27. In this new year let your vision be new. Let your thoughts be new. Let your feelings be new. Let your reactions to surroundings be new. Let you see everyone as a manifestation of God.

28. Be tolerant. Be pure. Be simple. Be humble. This is the way of a New Life. This is the way of Spiritual Life.

(iii) Secret of Happiness

29. Lack of the knowledge of God is the root of all sorrows in life and misery in the world.

30. You can find strength, solace, eternal bliss, everlasting peace and immortality in God alone.

31. All will pass away. So be not vain of thy body, intellect and wealth, O deluded man!

32. Know that whatever the external condition may be, you are Satchidananda Atman. Thy real nature is peace and bliss.

33. There is a heaven of eternal bliss within the reach of every man.

34. There is an intense longing in all for eternal happiness and for freedom and perfection.

35. Man is God in disguise, who puts on a garb of fun, but quickly forgets his true identity.

36. He aspires for Immortality, eternal bliss, perennial peace; he longs for eternal existence; he thirsts for infinite knowledge; he hankers for eternal happiness.

37. He is the Immortal Soul whose essential nature is Sat-chit-ananda (Existence, Consciousness and Bliss Absolute).

38. Desire drags him down; discrimination lifts him up.

39. On the wings of purity and dispassion the aspirant sours high to the realm of Infinite Bliss.

40. Essentially man is a spiritual being.

41. Wake up and recognise your true self. You are an embodiment of energy, strength, wisdom, peace and bliss.

42. You are Atman. You are devoid of evils and passions. You are ever pure.

43. In essence you are purest of the pure.

44. You are self-contained, Paripoorna. Therefore desires cannot find any place in you.

45. In silence, confidence and meditation shall be your strength.

(iv) Path of Joy

46. Happy is the man who attains right understanding, discrimination and wisdom.

47. Combine love with understanding, with joy and with strength.

48. Cultivate an understanding heart. Exchange with man not a bullet, but a warm heart.

49. Develop the strength of spirit through meditation and moral discipline.

50. Value spiritual good above personal good.

51. Do your duty. Speak the truth. Meditate. Control the senses. Control the mind. Be hospitable. Be humane. Serve. Never neglect your spiritual welfare.

52. The heart must be beautiful. Dresses and ornaments are not necessary.

53. Be beautiful within. Give up ornaments and silks.

54. Face the storm and triumph over it. Shrink not from the battle of life but fight it and come out victorious. Face abuse, insult, dishonour, disgrace and malice with a smile on your face.

55. Be calm and serene. Take up all events in life as though you are a silent witness, never being perturbed at all.

56. This life is but a continuation from where you had begun.

57. Remain calm and serene in spite of the storms of life. Discipline the mind. Meditate.

58. Real life is living in God. Life is unfoldment.

59. Be still. Be calm. Meditate. Contact steadily with Brahman, or the Absolute, the Eternal Source of life, power, wisdom, peace and strength.

60. Resolve, “I will not get irritated under any situation.” Your life will be characterised by unruffled serenity.

61. Be calm in actions, be calm in speech, be calm in mind, be well composed. You will attain eternal peace.

62. Love all. Lead a life of self-restraint. Practise regularly meditation. You will soon attain bliss immortal.

63. Be contented. Serve the saints. Withdraw from worldly enjoyments. Introspect. Meditate on the Atman. This is the way to supreme felicity.

64. Practise truth and austerity. Be compassionate. Be pure. Discriminate. Cultivate endurance. This is the way to supreme blessedness.

65. Control the mind and senses. Practise non-violence and Brahmacharya. Practise Japa, Kirtan. Be contented. Serve the saints. This is the way to supreme peace.

66. Conquer the senses. Give up all possessions. Be calm and contented. Discard pride, arrogance and vanity. This is the way to peace and blessedness.

67. Self-control, inner purification, meditation, this is the way to complete living or Life Divine.

68. The Supreme Intelligence guides and directs these life movements whether one is conscious of it or not.

69. Happiness is ensured when the Truth is realised, when the individual surrenders on to this and accepts its law. This is truly the Divine Life. This is the way to perennial bliss.

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