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ES72 Sivananda's Lectures: All India and Ceylon Tour in 1950
ES72 Sivananda's Lectures: All India and Ceylon Tour in 1950
Swami Sivananda
The absorbing narration of the progress of the All-India and Ceylon Tour-1950, undertaken with a view to mass dissemination of spiritual knowledge, provides a happy revelation of the joyous fact that, whatever be the surface confusions and agitations in the scene of India's external life, yet, deep within, her cultural heart is sound and alive. In these pages are revealed the heart of Sivananda through his invaluable, inspiring and extremely instructive precepts, lessons and teachings, showing the common sense methods of self-perfection and attaining the life's highest goal, Self-realisation. It is a treasure of illuminating advice to all men, women, children, students, youths, active people, retired people, professionals, political leaders, spiritual aspirants, and to everyone in search of real peace and happiness. Anyone wishing to lead the divine life of spiritual richness and selfless, unattached activity is sure to find the book invaluable.

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