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EO21 Anecdotes of Sivananda
EO21 Anecdotes of Sivananda
Sri Sivananda-Sobha
Arjuna asks the Lord: "How does the self-realised sage talk, sit, speak and move?" Every action, every movement, every word spoken by the Yogi is important. He has a different attitude to life, which is reflected in a subtle way in all his thoughts, words and deeds. So the day-to-day life of a saint provides great inspiring lessons for a sincere Sadhaka. For this reason the soul-elevating instances from the life of Swami Sivananda have been recorded here. The best way to learn Yoga is not through a book, but by a close and careful study of a saint's everyday activities. A true saint teaches not through precepts but by example, for he knows that "whatever a saint among men does, that the masses will follow". This is a universal truth. It is also said that the supreme glory in the lives of the saints lies in the fact that they "departing, leave behind them footprints in the sands of time". Swami Sivananda's Lilas are extremely interesting and instructive and pave the way for us, an illumined way of right living and right thinking.

1. Biography
2. Integral Yoga

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