Siva–A Unique Personality


Sri Swami Narayanananda

This article is a chapter from the book “Sivananda–The Perfect Master”.

Siva is well-versed in all branches of Yoga. He is a Karma Yogin, Bhakta, Hatha Yogin, Raja Yogin and Jnana Yogin. He has trained countless aspirants in all branches of Yoga. He has trained students in Asanas, Pranayama and selfless service. He was the editor of four journals. He contributes articles to countless journals. He has published numerous books, pamphlets, messages and leaflets on a variety of subjects. He has established many branches of the Divine Life Society. He moved about and did vigorous propaganda and lectures for several years. He has revived the Sankirtan movement and has done much work in this field. He has given a new orientation to this neglected science. He conducts Sadhana weeks. He is rendering great medical service to the poor.

His activities are many-sided. He can attend to many things at a time. He will never complain of Vikshepa. City or forest, both are equal to him. He carries on his activities for the spiritual uplift of the world under all circumstances. He keeps correspondence with hundreds of aspirants. He lectures and sings through the gramophone records.

Such a unique and all-round Yogi who has done variety of works without money and assistance, remaining in one place, the world has not seen till now.

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