Swami Chidananda’s Letter to Devotees (March ’98)

March ’98

President Swamiji Writes:


Blessed Immortal Atman!
My Beloved Spiritual Brethren of our global human family.

May peace and joy prevail in your heart. May the light of divinity shine bright in your heart and impart radiance to your life and actions. It is a special joy to resume my communication after one month’s gap. Last month February issue did not contain this usual monthly letter. Hence, I welcome this opportunity of this March issue. Before I proceed I would like to draw your attention to a couple of extremely interesting facts regarding this present month. Two months ago the January issue of the Divine Life contained my special New Year message, New Year greetings and goodwishes. The present month of March contains a double feature. Being the last month of the official financial year, March becomes the proclaimer of our financial New Year that commences from 1st April. In addition, it also contains another auspicious New Year, the Hindu religious calendar New Year. This date 28th March is the beginning of a New Year starting with Vasanta Navaratra which contains within itself the most auspicious first religious day of worship, Sri Ramanavami marking the birth anniversary of the ideal divine in-carnation, the great Lord Rama. The month of Chaitra starts with a bright fortnight and ushers in the divine birth anniversary of Lord Rama. The advent of Rama Avatara is for establishing the rule of Righteousness and the moral order in this human world. May we pray to the Lord to bless us and help us to establish the rule of righteousness and the moral order within our own hearts as well as within the hearts of all human beings as our global human fraternity is approaching the advent of the 21st century.

Here at this point I wish to share a piece of very good news with all our Divine Life Society members and the general readers. This good news is that Gurudev’s Centenary Memorial Hospital in his sacred birthplace, holy Pattamadai has now received from our central government’s concerned department, this special exemption under 35 AC. This exemption under 35 AC grants a hundred percent exemption from income tax to all donors. This is valid for a period of 3 years. This special exemption has been given towards the rural social welfare work being done by Swami Sivananda Memorial Trust through its Centenary Charitable Hospital at Pattamadai. As mentioned above this exemption under 35 AC is valid for a period of 3 financial years, within which time the Sivananda Memorial Trust is allowed to raise a sum of 8 Crore Rupees (80 Million Rupees) through a concerted fund raising. Readers may think in what way they could assist in this matter. God and Gurudev inspire you. If you wish to know further details of information you may write to:

The Managing Trustee
Swami Sivananda Memorial Trust
B-237, Chancellor’s Court,
Off V Avenue Besant Nagar P.O. Madras-600 090

With a duplicate copy to

The Administrator
Swami Sivananda Centenary Charitable Hospital
Kalakkad Road, Pattamadai
Distt. Nelli Kattabomman, TamilNadu-627 453

Another subject I wish to draw your attention is about a ten page typed letter, copies of which are despatched all over India mainly to accuse this servant of Gurudev and condemn him as a dangerous criminal person who is carrying on not only unethical and immoral activity but is also doing harmful antinational work and therefore, deserves to be put in jail. Thousands of copies of this letter are being mailed urging that prompt strict action should be taken by concerned bodies like C.B.I. etc. in the interest of public safety and national welfare. This letter is typed, and does not bear any handwritten signature. But, the name Asheshananda similarly typed appears at the end of the letter. My main purpose in narrating this is to request all members and readers to collectively pray for God’s compassionate blessings upon this ASHESHANANDA for graciously bringing him into the right path. Simultaneously, worship may be offered in his name and on behalf of any other persons who may be helping him in his cam-paign of “Dharmarakshana” or safeguarding of Dharma. May God bless him and show him the right path.

I am obliged to bring this to the readers’ notice because Sivananda Ashram. Muni-Ki-Reti, the Headquarters of the Divine Life Society is also declared to be a place of conspiracy and intrigue that pose a grave national risk etc. This is unfortunate and a matter of regret because, this person Asheshananda has been for some years a resident of Sivananda Ashram, Muni-Ki-Reti some years back. So far, we have not brought this to your attention and notice. But, now Gurudev’s institution itself has come under his attack in his letter mentioned above. I appeal to all the readers and members to pray for his Sanmati (good conscience).

This present letter of mine has been in a somewhat negative note. Let us conclude it in a useful, positive and elevating and inspiring note. This is a duty and privilege of all good thinking people. I share with you certain lofty and sublime ideas which I came across. This is sure to be a wonderful nourishment psychologically as well as spiritually. Here is an inspiring and revealing outpouring of a thinker from Gujarat. This is actually an English rendering from a Gujarati language original composition.

Even if I take vows,
eat only once a day or even fast;
But if anger and jealousy are
not rooted out from my mind;
My austerity is not true.

Even if I visit temple, offer flowers,
garland the deity, roll the rosary;
But if selfishness, greed and delusion are
not rooted out of my actions;
My rituals are not true.

Even when I do japa,
join the Satsang, perform meditation;
But egoism, pride and feeling of superiority are
not rooted out from within me;
My worship is not true.

Even if I go into seclusion,
Embrace Vairagya, observe silence;
But if my desires and instincts are not controlled,
my body consciousness is not reduced;
My Sadhana is not true.

O Lord, even when I pray and utter Your name;
But if love, compassion, friendliness and joy are
not manifested in my life;
My relationship with you is not genuine.

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