Swami Chidananda’s appeal on behalf of the suffering people of Orissa.

A Call to the Global Family of God

This is a special call on behalf of the suffering people devastated by the recent super cyclone that has hit the coastal area of Orissa and has done untold havoc. A vast number of human beings and cattle have died. Dwelling places have been smashed. Big trees, telegraph and telephone posts have snapped like matchsticks. Many villages have been submerged; electrical installations have been destroyed plunging large areas in darkness. Most of you must have read in the newspaper thoroughly and seen this on TV. The Divine Life Society Headquarters, Rishikesh, has received urgent appeal for immediate help from our DLS representatives in Orissa.

In the light of the above I call upon all of you who read this announcement to send all possible help you could for this cyclone relief work. Our Society’s Chief Executive in Orissa, H.H. Sri Swami Sivachidanandaji has been requested by the Orissa Government to set up a relief center in a village. As indicated by the authority, Revered Swamiji has already set up a center and started relief work. All money donated will be sent immediately to Orissa. As we have exemption from the Income Tax (80G), your contribution will be exempted from Income Tax. We have made necessary arrangements to send all donations to the All Orissa Divine Life Society Central Committee, which represents worshipful Gurudev’s movement in Orissa. All donations earmarked “ORISSA CYCLONE RELIEF FUND”, be sent to
The General Secretary,
The Divine Life Society,
P.O. Shivanandanagar-249192,
(via) Rishikesh, U.P.

May God bless you.

Swami Chidananda


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