National Code of Conduct for the Citizens of India


  1. Patriotism: Our Motherland should be our first and highest consideration. Welfare of the nation is our own welfare. Therefore, let us willingly be ready to offer up even our own life for our country. Let us inculcate in our children and members of our family love for our country, the spirit of patriotism and service to our country and our fellow citizens.
  2. Duty: Our first and foremost duty is to God and to Righteousness. Leading a righteous life is the best and most valuable service of our Nation.
  3. Character: Character is the greatest wealth. A pure, incorruptible citizen is the greatest asset of our Nation. This is vital and indispensable. Therefore, good character is to be given top priority value; upon this depends our nation’s welfare and its future stability.
  4. Health: Health is the basis of success. Health is wealth. Next to character, it is the greatest national asset. As citizens, building up character and safeguarding health, should be our primary duty to the Nation.
  5. Virtue: Let us join hand and eradicate the evils of gambling, liquor-drinking, drug-taking, tobacco-smoking and betel-chewing. Let us eradicate the evils of bribery, corruption, selfishness, immorality, dishonesty and misconduct. Disloyalty to our Nation is crime and unpardonable sin.
  6. Public Property: O Citizen! We are custodian of public property. Let us not spoil, misuse, steal or destroy National property. Let us preserve it with love and care. Let us keep our country neat and clean. This is your sacred duty.
  7. One Family: All our citizen are brethren. Let us feel this fraternity. Let us all love each other and one another and be united because, we are one family.
  8. Religion: We must have equal reverence for all religions, creeds and faiths. Let us love as our own brother the followers of our faiths. Let us treat others as we wish to be treated by them.
  9. Non-violence: At all cost avoid every type of violence and hatred for, this is a blot on the fair name of the Nation. It is soul- killing and cause great harm to our country’s welfare and development. It is totally opposed to our Nation’s ideal.
  10. Economy: Let us adopt simple living and high thinking. Let us not be extravagant. Let us avoid waste. Let us practise frugality. Let us share what we have with our less fortunate fellow citizens. This is National virtue that our India needs today.
  11. Law: Let us respect the rule of law and uphold social justice. In this lies the guarantee of our welfare and orderly progress towards better India.
  12. Ahimsa: Non-injury is our highest virtue (Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah). Compassion is a divine quality. Protection of animals is our sacred duty. This is India’s special teaching. Let us be compassionate towards all creatures. Thus be a true Indian. Try to become an embodiment of kindness compassion and goodness in your every day life.
  13. Ecology: Man and Nature are inseparable. Man and his natural environment are inter-related and mutually interdependent. Everything in Nature contributes to our protection and nourishment. Let us, therefore, protect our natural environment. Helping in maintaining the ecological balance is our duty. It is indispensable for our safe living and highest welfare. Polluting of public places and polluting of air and water of the country is a national crime. We must make amends of our past lapses.
  14. Unity: The more united the people of a country, the greater is their ability to withstand all obstacles and dangers. United we stand, divided we fall. This is particularly true about today’s India. Therefore, let us live in close harmony and loving goodwill with all our countrymen. Love of our country means love of our countrymen. This is the most invaluable service a Citizen of India, can offer to our Motherland.
  15. Education: The process of education should incorporate within it the imparting of the basic knowledge of India’s great culture, its lofty ideals and noble values and principles of living. Our education has to be oriented for enriching and enhancing the quality of life of our youth and students.



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