50th National Anniversary Of The Independence Of Bharatavarsha (India)

50th National Anniversary Of The Independence Of Bharatavarsha (India)

Beloved Atman! Let me remind you that even as the Divine Life Society Diamond Jubilee Year will conclude on 14th January, 1997, we will be finding ourselves in the middle of the 50th National Anniversary of the Independence of Bharatavarsha (India). The 15th August, 1997 is the Golden Jubilee or “Svarna Utsava” (Golden Jubilee) of our Svatantra Bharata (independent India). As such may our entire Divine Life organisation give maximum nation-wide publicity to the NATIONAL CODE OF CONDUCT for the citizens of India by printing in hundreds of thousand of copies of it upon all-India basis. Let it be distributed from Himalayas to Kanyakumari and from Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh to Himachal Pradesh within the first six months of next year 1997. This will be your Matrubhumi Aradhana (worship of the Motherland).

Together with this propagate also the essence of Gurudev’s teachings through widest possible dissemination of Gurudev’s Sadhana Tattva and His Twenty Important Spiritual Instructions. Let these two take precedence over all your other activities during the next six months. Give top priority to these two tasks. God bless you.

Observe befittingly the close of the Diamond Jubilee Year in your own D.L.S. Branch also.

You have my very best wishes for all success in your good work as well as for a glorious New Year.

Om Shanti! Regards, Prem and Om.

Swami Chidananda

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