The Lofty Ideal Of Renunciation


Sri Swami Chidananda

This article is a chapter from the book Daily Swadhyaya.

The glorious Sannyasa Diksha anniversary that we have the privilege and joy to celebrate this day, which marks the supreme occasion of H. H. Sadgurudev Swami Sivanandaji’s renunciation of a secular life and his early entry into the holy order of sannyasa, commemorates such lofty action. Master has taken to this ancient order and lived his noble life of increasing good works and innumerable services of humanity all over the world. In him, I see a unique and amazing confluence of two trends:

(1) Renunciation and all the inwardness and detachment.

(2) The thrilling dynamism with all the outwardly activity and active sympathetic interest in human beings.

Our holy Gurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj’s act of tyaga and sannyasa carries the message: “O man! Give up thy little ‘I’ and thy petty selfish life; and let thy selfless life flower into cosmic love, world brotherhood and service unto all. Give up thy little self, and give yourself in body, mind and spirit to the whole world. To renounce is verily to offer yourself as a gift unto the noble cause of human welfare.” Such was the exemplary life of our holy Gurudev! His renunciation represents, as it were, a fertile seed out of which has sprung forth a great tree. The giving up of his secular life has come to mean the bestowal of a lofty new Divine Life to countless thousands. The power that sprang out of his renunciation has outspread into the world, and has brought new life, hope, solace, light, strength, joy and inspiration to literally countless millions of souls. His renunciation can rightly be said to be an offering to God, to appease the spiritual hunger of His soul-famished children. It has indeed become transformed into the spirit of Divine Life to pervade the modern world in the form of a divine urge, a divine impulse towards virtue, goodness and godliness.

In renunciation lies the end of all strife and hatred. In renunciation lies the source of true peace and progress. By his life, the modern Maharshi has given to humanity the new law of welfare: “O modern man! Know ye that renunciation is the law of life. It is the path that leads to friendliness, cooperation and unity. Renounce selfishness, greed, hatred and egoism. Embrace love, humility, contentment, and charity. You will have the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth” May the Master’s radiant life inspire one and all!

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