Skanda Shashti Message (1947)


Sri Swami Sivananda

This article is a chapter from the book Lord Shanmukha and His Worship.

Priya Atman,

It gives me immense delight to send this Message on such an auspicious occasion, the Pratishtha Ceremony of Sri Balasubrahmanya and Sakti Vel.

“Even if, Muruga, Thy Name once told,
Your grace descends with Love manifold
Let me Thy Name Muruga, Parama Kumara, once repeat,
And Thy grace to protect shall descend on me.”

So prayed the Saint Arunagiri in his famous soul-elevating Tiruppugazh songs. Mark the Bhava which inspired him to utter these verses. Lord wants only your heart. Give unto Him your heart. Develop immense love to Him. Thirst for His Darshan. You will attain Him.

Lord Subrahmanya is an Avatara of Lord Siva. All incarnations are manifestations of the Lord. The Lord manifests Himself from time to time in various names and forms for establishing Dharma and punishing the wicked. Lord Muruga is the Pratyaksha Devata in this Kali Yuga. His wives, Valli and Deivayanai, represent the Iccha Sakti and Kriya Sakti of the Lord. His Velayudha (Divine Weapon—the Spear) represents Jnana Sakti. His six heads represent the six attributes of Jnana, Vairagya, Bala, Kirti, Sri and Aiswarya. They denote that He is the Virat Purusha, the all-pervading.

Of the eighteen Puranas, the Skanda Purana alone deals with the Avatara and Lilas of Lord Subrahmanya. He is much worshipped in South India. The famous Temples of Lord Subrahmanya in South India, are Tiruchendur, Palani, Thirupparankundram, Swamimalai, Thiruthanigai, Thiruppurur, Udipi, Alagar Koil; and almost all hillocks in South India especially in Tamil Nadu, shine with a temple of Lord Subrahmanya on their tops.

Nakkirar, a famous Tamil poet of the Tamil Sangam Age, was a great votary of Lord Muruga. He composed the poem called Tirumurugatrupadai and whoever repeats the whole of this verse with Bhava and faith will attain peace and prosperity, and success in all his undertakings.

Kumaragurupara Swamigal of Srivaikuntham, was another devotee and Bhakta of Lord Subrahmanya. He had been a dumb child till he was five years old; and, by the grace of the Lord, was gifted with all talents and became later on a famous saint. His songs, Tiruchendur Kali Venba and others are repeated by devotees of Lord Shanmukha with Bhava and faith, even today.

Saint Arunagirinathar is the author of the famous Thiruppugazh songs, Skandar Anubhuti, etc. His songs are in praise of Lord Shanmukha, and are highly inspiring. He had direct Darshan of Lord Subrahmanya. Regular and systematic Parayana of these songs is sufficient for the struggling souls to get solace, peace and prosperity.

Follow the footsteps of these saints. Lead a life of simplicity. Have purity. Develop magnanimity. Cultivate nobility. Practise serenity. Draw inspiration from these Bhaktas. Entertain sublime thoughts, cultivate virtues and be kind to all. Become humble. Take refuge in God. Sing God’s Names. See His indwelling presence in all. Serve everyone with intense Love. Service is worship. Serve. Love. Give. Taste the Nectar of Immortality and enjoy the highest Peace and Bliss.

Practice of the Presence of God always is the easiest, nearest and surest way for attaining God-realisation. Everyday is a fresh opportunity given to you by God to go nearer to Him. Shed the precious tears of Divine Prema when you are alone and don’t make a mere show.

May the blessings of Arunagirinathar and other Bhaktas of Shanmukha be upon you all! May the Divine Hand guide you in all your activities! May the Vel guide you to the realm of Peace, Plenty, Prosperity and Enlightenment!

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