Salvation–Rests With You Only


Sri Swami Chidananda

A holy man was admonishing gathered seekers and devotees at Swarg Ashram. He was telling them that all individual souls who are striving to attain the good life, striving for Self-realisation which is the purpose of human birth, should know one truth very, very clearly, and it is this: “No one can give salvation to any individual except that individual himself or herself.”

He was saying: “You have to work for liberation from sorrow and the attainment of bliss; no one can give it to you; you obtain it by your own effort. In spite of all that has been said about Guru’s grace and divine kripa and miracles, nevertheless, the truth is that supreme state of blessedness is something you can give to yourself; no one else can give it to you.”

He went on to elaborate: “What is it that makes it so very specific that it is the seeking soul that must ultimately grant to itself whatever it wishes to attain? Abundant divine grace of the Lord Almighty is always available; it is never denied, it is ever available. But it will enter into your being and transform you only if you open yourself to it. If you do not open to it, then there is no means by which grace can force itself into you, try to do something against your wish, will and co-operation.”

Coming to the practical aspect in the life of the seeker, he went on: “What is it that enables the seeker to attain grace, and what is it that prevents one from attaining grace? You will attain grace if you always place yourself in front of the Lord. If you want grace you must face the Divine. You must place yourself in the presence of the Divine, and you must lift up your face and look at the Divine. As long as your attention is diverted to other things, to that extent, it is you yourself who deprive yourself of His grace, not He. His grace is abundantly present at all times, to all beings.”

He then gave two examples. One is, a number of earthen pots are left outside during the rainy season. Some face upwards towards the sky, some are on their side, some are upside down. When the rain falls, only those pots that are upright, open to the skies, will be fully filled. In the selfsame open space and rain, those on their side will be partially filled and those that are upside down will receive nothing.

He gave another analogy: “On a day when the sun is shining brightly, if you open all the doors and shutters, your house will be brilliantly lit up, illumined. But if you close the doors and shutters, sunlight may be everywhere else, but the inside of your house will be in darkness.”

“In this way,” he said, “it is only you, who can give liberation to yourself, not anyone else, because it depends upon whether or not you recognise this truth. If we expose ourselves to God, God pours into us, and blesses us and makes our life divine. If we are not ever in a state of being exposed to Divinity, then naturally our life, to that extent, will be denied divinity, peace, bliss, light.”

He said: “The onus, the main responsibility, is on the seeking soul and not upon God. God did not want to lay the responsibility of granting liberation upon God. Therefore, you must face the fact that it is you who can give liberation to yourself, for God’s grace, that grants liberation, is always available; it is never denied, never withheld.”

This is the truth. This is placed before you for your sincere reflection.

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