Make A Beginning — Start From Today


Sri Swami Sivananda

Upon the substratum of Timeless Eternity Maya in Her own mysterious baffling manner marks time. In the ceaseless onward flow of Time definite periods have become distinct and divided into centuries, decades, years, months, etc. They have acquired a force and significance through long convention. All over the world the old year has just now passed out and a New Year has commenced. Through age long association of ideas this time has come to have a peculiar efficacy for all beginnings, fresh endeavours, new resolves and turning over a new leaf. It is the most propitious time. Make full use of this psychological moment. Do not lose this opportunity.

Die to your old lower self. Be born into a newer life in the spirit. Sever once for all your connection with the little ego. Whatever be the slips, failures, disappointments and mistakes of the past year, forget them all. Never mind them. All is for the best. Be courageous in faith because there is always a glorious resurrection after each crucifixion. Spotless and untouched lies the year before you. Resolve to stick to a life of spotless moral purity, of chastity, physical and mental. Resolve to manifest Truth in thought, word and deed.

The external world is plunged in unrighteousness, hatred and warfare because you have neglected to carry on the inner war with the vicious lower self. You have surrendered to this inner enemy. Commence the spiritual warfare with the inner foes like egoism, hatred, greed, ambition, pride, selfishness. Crush these down and develop equal vision, forgiveness, mercy, universal love. Then all outer war will end in a moment. A New Era will be ushered in. Darkness will pass and a new dawn will light up Humanity.

The loving Lord has given you a priceless gift a shining year, pure and clear as crystal, a year teeming with opportunities of perfecting yourself as well as working to help and elevate all those around you. Struggle hard every moment to get nearer to the Ideal. Every step you take, through every act you do, you must move towards Freedom, towards Truth, towards Light.

Make it a point to radiate love. Become a centre of spirituality through a regulated life of combined selfless activity and earnest prayer. Constantly have the name of God in your lips. Inspire and elevate everyone you come into contact with by proclaiming to them the message of unity of all life, in the oneness of the Self. Console the distressed with help, cheer up the depressed with hope. Infuse new vigour into the timid and the faltering in faith.

On the threshold of the New Year convert yourself into a herald of Divinity. Lead a Divine Life of Love, service, devotion, discipline and wisdom. May the New Year witness you develop into a perfect and ideal being!

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