Let Divinity Be The Keynote


Sri Swami Chidananda

This article is a chapter from the book Daily Swadhyaya.

Radiant Atman! Sadhakas! Mumukshus! Jijnasus! Devotees of the Lord! Lovers of righteousness! Soon you will enter into a gift of 365 virgin days in which you can sow the seed of a harvest of peace, bliss, Illumination and divine perfection. It is yours to do as you wish. The New Year is like a book with all the pages unwritten and blank for you to enter into it anything that you want to write. You may write it in letters of gold if you wish and make it a thing of beauty.

Try to make an evaluation of what you have been throughout the year that has gone by. Have you grasped each day and made a gainful step upward and Godward towards your Destiny? Have you converted experiences that you encounter into things of increased wisdom and greater inner strength? And in the light of this evaluation, have you been better equipped to move towards this great new wondrous gift of God–one more year of 365 virgin days? Each day is filled with twenty-four golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes–precious, invaluable, beyond compare. They are yours to be utilised and filled with divinity, love, compassion, wisdom, spiritual aspiration, sincere sadhana. You can do all these things and more to enrich yourself.

Let the New Year lift you up higher on the scale of spiritual evolution. Let it be a year to prove that God’s gift to you has not been in vain. Let it be a year to prove yourself worthy of this great gift of human status. God speed you towards this onward ascent, towards that pinnacle point of God-experience, of Satchidananda Consciousness, of Illumination and Enlightenment. This is my sincere prayer at the feet of Almighty, and at the feet of beloved and worshipful Guru Maharaj, who has brought into us this great awareness that we are inherently Divine.

You are related to the Cosmic Divinity. You have come here to attain that Divinity. May we move forward with a new strength, a new spirit and a new determination, focussing entirely upon the Goal and the Goal alone, making our entire life a total integrated movement towards the supreme consummation! May we progress towards the Goal each hour, minute and second to unfold and express our Divinity! May divinity be our keynote! Let us try to express and manifest this divinity every moment. May all the powers at our command be directed towards this one ideal of making our inner truth, our essential nature, our true identity! Live in such a way that you may emerge out as a shining, radiantly divine, perfect and liberated soul.

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