Dissemination of Knowledge


Sri Swami Sivananda

This article is from the book Easy Path to God-Realisation.

There is no Yoga greater than dissemination of spiritual knowledge. Even the gift of this whole earth is nothing when compared to the gift of dissemination of spiritual knowledge, because the latter eradicates ignorance and illusion, the root-cause of human sufferings.

Dissemination of Brahma Vidya (spiritual knowledge) is the highest form of Yajna (sacrifice). This is the highest form of charity (Dana). It is the highest Karma. It is the highest form of Yoga. Even if one thirsty soul is elevated and stirred, your work is over. You have justified your existence.

Acquire the knowledge of the Self and distribute this Atma Vidya to others. Vidya Dana is the highest help which one can render to another. Relief work is social scavengering. You cannot remove the evil of the world completely. It will break out like carbuncle or rheumatism or syphilitic ulcers in some form or another.

Seclusion, meditation–a life of peace and spiritual splendour is far superior to a life of social activities. What is the cause of human suffering? Avidya or ignorance. If you give food, clothing, medicine, etc., and other comforts to a man, there is no complete satisfaction for him. Again the same craving manifests. If one can help another in the removal of ignorance, then all miseries will come to an end.

Live intelligently. Study the Upanishads thoroughly. Meditate regularly. Come out of the dungeon of ignorance. Bask in the glorious sunshine of knowledge of Brahman. Share this knowledge with others.

To get Self-realisation and to help others in Self-realisation is the greatest service to mankind which one can do. Building hospitals, Dharmasalas (rest-houses), choultries (guest-houses), temples, tanks, gardens, is nothing when compared with the previous help. People do such kind of charities out of egoism for their own self-glorification.

Form at once a Prem Sabha or Yogic Society or Hari Kirtan Mandal amongst your friends in your own place. Have some common meditation in the morning and evening for half an hour. Assemble together and study regularly some philosophical books, Ramayana, Bhagavatam, Gita, Upanishads, Vivekachudamani, Yoga Vasishtha, etc. Have philosophical discussions. Start Likhita Japa. In the morning assemble together and practise Asanas, Pranayama and physical exercises. At night assemble together and do some Hari Nam Kirtan for one hour.

The members can nicely prepare some lectures in English and local vernacular language and read before the Sunday public meeting. The mother gives a sugar-coated tablet to her boy when he refuses to drink quinine mixture. Even so, sages and saints give spiritual instructions to the people in the form of songs, stories and Drishtantas (illustrations). Abstract metaphysics or high philosophy does not appeal to them. English philosophical songs are suitable particularly for the modern English educated people.

O sweet Ram, you can do your individual Sadhana at home in the early morning between 4 and 5, but you should not ignore the collective Sadhana by conducting common meditation and Gita classes with your friends and neighbours in a temple. The latter is more important. Collective Sadhana also is for one’s own growth.

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