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Date: May 21st 2023

Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah!
Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


Is Liberation Possible in This Very Birth?
by Sri Swami Chidananda

Recently, I was in Delhi, and around midnight a phone call came from my host’s daughter. She is a well-educated person with a good position. She wanted her parents to ask me a question, but, as I was up, I said, “Let me speak to her myself.”

She said: “Swamiji, I can see that there is no real happiness to be found anywhere in this world. Please Swamiji, tell me, is it really possible to attain liberation in this very birth?”

I answered her: “It is possible if the intense desire to attain God, to attain liberation, occupies your heart as the first and foremost of all desires, all wishes, all that you long for, all that you yearn after.

“If God, if liberation, is your top priority, and it fills your heart, mind and intellect—your entire being, and you are consumed by that great longing and yearning—all other wishes come after it, they are secondary, not primary—then nothing in this universe can prevent you from attaining liberation in this very life. This is for sure!

“Let us be practical. Does this mean that one should cease wishing or working for anything else? It is not absolutely necessary, and it is not absolutely possible either. As long as you are in this body, in this earth plane, you have to work for food, clothing and shelter, for the body has its hard demands. You have to keep yourself in reasonable comfort so that your body will not have a breakdown in health and become an obstacle on the path. Because through the body alone you have to live and work out your liberation.

“So, taking care of the body’s minimal wants and providing for its shelter—a place to do your sadhana, pursue your spiritual practices—is a minimal requirement which no one can afford to totally deny or ignore. If you inwardly give up everything, yet on the outer plane exert to attain what is essential to survive and work out your liberation, then the body does not become an obstacle. Rather, it becomes the boat to cross the ocean of transmigration. It becomes the chariot to take you to your destination along the right road of a divinely lived life. It becomes your instrument for liberation.

“Therefore, view it from this angle. Even the secular can be made part of the spiritual. The outer worldly life becomes a supplementary process to the inner spiritual life. It becomes an inevitable part of it; it becomes one with it.

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Conquest of Mind
by Sri Swami Sivananda

Sri Swami Sivananda has always laboured in a Divine Way, on a grand scale, for the spread of the Wisdom of spiritual India, and for the dissemination of practical knowledge on Mind and its total control and conquest. So great has been his contribution to the world’s spiritual literature, human happiness and enlightenment, and so high is his spiritual Eminence that he has been justly esteemed as at once a Patanjali, a Vyasa, a Yajnavalkya, a Sankara, an all-compassionate Saint and a dynamic integral Yogi.

This book presents a number of most helpful hints on the Nature of Mind and many methods for the successful conquest of mind. By aspirants, devotees, seekers after Truth, psychologist, and others who are seeking peace of mind and happiness in life, this work will be found highly useful.

For more information, please see: Conquest of Mind


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OUR REAL NATURE: To the people sitting around him in the office, the Master once said, “When a man weeps, you ask, ‘Why do you weep?’ But when he is not weeping, you do not ask, ‘Why are you not weeping?’ Therefore, our true nature is bliss.

“One can remain for ever as a Brahmachari, but one cannot be continuously indulging in lust. This shows that our real nature is purity.

“One can speak the truth always, but one cannot utter lies continuously. This indicates that our real nature is truth.”

“Yoga is nothing but definiteness of understanding, certainty of approach, clarity of action and a precision in the modus operandi in our life. Nothing of the vague can help us in the world. It is a new type of education and knowledge into which we are introduced where we are sure about things, and every step that we take is a step of understanding. We do not take a second step unless we have placed the first step very firmly, knowing very well that the ground is firm.” – Swami Krishnananda

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