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Date: May 14th 2021

Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


Secret of Unswerving Righteousness
by Sri Swami Sivananda

Life constantly imparts valuable lessons to every man. She instructs you every moment of your existence here on earth. But you are so heedless that you forget the lesson at once. But without disgust She, Mother Prakriti again and again gives fresh lessons in the form of life’s experience. She is a tireless teacher and if only you will carefully retain the memory of the early experiences, then you will never commit a mistake or stray away from the correct path. If you treasure these lessons and cherish the memory of the past experiences, then you become wise and remain safe in your wisdom and in your greatness.

Dara was a humble shepherd in the land of Persia. He was of low birth and extremely poor but endowed with deep wisdom and possessed a shrewd insight and great understanding in the nature of men and things. The Shah of Persia coming to know of Dara’s wisdom and insight took him into his services where Dara soon rose to the highest position of the Shah’s Chief Councillor and trusted Prime Minister. This made the other nobles very jealous of Dara and they eagerly awaited a proper opportunity of bringing disgrace upon Dara and pulling him down from the high status he occupied.

The Shah had unlimited confidence in Dara and once he sent Dara as Governor-designate of one of the most important provinces of his great kingdom. In his absence, the hostile and jealous nobles reported many unfavourable things about Dara to the Shah. They accused Dara of corruption and told the Shah that Dara had amassed great riches by misappropriating Royal revenues and always took this ill-gotten treasure with him closely secured in a chest. Wherever he went, this chest followed him on camel’s back and he opened it only at night within the privacy of his own tent. He never once parted with the chest nor ever opened it in public. This was the grave charge.

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Spiritual Stories
By Swami Sivananda

There is not a single means of imparting spiritual knowledge to people that H.H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has ignored. Sayings, Poems, Songs, Essays, Discourses, Plays, Parables and Stories—he has, in the words of Sri C. Rajagopalachariar, then Governor-General of India, beaten gold into various shapes.

And, here is one more story-book; and it will be greatly enjoyed by children—young and old—who will find a wealth of wisdom in them.

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“SCIENCE OF SIVANANDA”: Swami Sadananda had composed a song on the Master and had given it to Swami S., a very proficient student of music. However, it so happened that the latter neither sang the song at the Satsang (for which purpose it had been given to him), nor informed the Master of having received it.

One morning Swami S. handed over the copy of the song to the Master, who questioned him, “Why did you not give me the song all these days. I never knew that Swami Sadananda had composed it. One must do everything promptly. This is called science. It is not the science of the M. Sc. but the ‘Science of Sivananda’. In future I will not give Sannyas to anyone who does not know the ‘Science of Sivananda’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Swamiji.”

The Master then looked at the disciples sitting around him and said, “Everyone should know the ‘Science of Sivananda’ or ‘Sivananda Science’. Do you know what it means? It means that one should be regular, one should be punctual, one should be quick, one should be prompt. One should not make much fuss about diet; one should not go out of the Ashram often; one should not keep a beard; one should not prostrate to me on the road, thus obstructing the way and wasting my time; one should do a little Japa, some meditation and some work. All these constitute the ‘Science of Sivananda’.”

The Master himself was very regular in his attendance at the office in the morning and at Satsang in the evening. He was extremely punctual, too. He was quick in his work and wrote at a great speed. He read papers containing articles very quickly. He was prompt in giving replies to his letters.

While he was in the office, if the Master received any papers which were meant for Swami Venkatesananda, and if the latter was not in his room then, he would send someone frequently to ascertain if had returned so that the papers could be given to him.

One day the Master came out of the office to return to his cottage. A certain visitor was standing on the wayside. The Master called for Swami Nityananda and instructed him to give some books to the visitor, and continued to walk. He had hardly proceeded a few paces when he stopped and asked Swami Nityananda to bring the books and waited for his return. When they were brought the Master himself handed them to the visitor. Only then did he continue to his cottage.

During Satsang the Master would commence his Kirtan the moment he sat on his chair, without allowing himself the much needed rest after exerting himself by walking the way up from his cottage. Likewise, during the last phase of the Satsang, he would commence his Kirtan the moment the gramophone record song had ended or the preceding prayer song or speech been concluded.

In order not to waste the time of others, the Master would advise the person in charge of playing the gramophone records to keep everything ready—to make the selection of the records, changing of needles, winding, etc., prior to the commencement of the Satsang. He would advise persons who read the Bhagavatha or Ramayana to keep themselves in readiness in advance by removing the cloth covering by which those books were generally kept, and also by keeping a book-mark at the page from which the reading was to be commenced, so that time would not be wasted by the reader searching for the correct page on his ascending the platform.

“The system of yoga is a practice, and this practice is nothing but the conduct of your life in your day-to-day affairs. In the light of the nature of things, or we may say in the light of the structure of the universe, we cannot behave in a way which is irrelevant to the nature of things because we are in the world; we are not outside the world. Hence, the system or principle that is operating behind the world, or the universe, will expect us to respect the law which is reigning supreme in the universe, and anyone who is adamant enough to turn a deaf ear to the calls of the law of life will be penalised by the law by an automatic working of this great rule of the universe.” – Swami Krishnananda

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