"So Says Sivananda"

1. This world is a pit of live coals, a vale of tears. You cannot expect lasting bliss here.

2. What have you to do with wealth? What have you to do with relatives? How shall your wife bestead you? All should surely die. Seek the immortal Atma hidden in the cave within your heart.

3. Continue your sadhana without any interruption. Sadhana is your best friend.

4. Sadhana should be as much a part of your daily life as eating, drinking and breathing.

5. Teach yourself the miseries that over-indulgence in sensual pleasures will bring to you.

6. If you want God, you must turn your back to worldly enjoyments.

7. Give up sensual life, if you do not want death.

8. Wish good to all beings. This will enrich your life and make you happy and peaceful.

9. Religion is living in God. It is not mere discussion about God.

10. Religion consists in doing good to others, in the practice of love, mercy, truthfulness and purity in all walks of life.

11. Be good. Do good. Serve, love, give, purify, meditate realise. This is the religion of Siva. This is the religion of the members of the Divine Life Society.

12. Live in peace and harmony with your neighbours and fellowmen.

13. Bear enmity to none. Do not vex others, and do not be vexed by others.

14. Forget and forgive. You will have peace. You, will become divine.

15. If any one proves to be faithless to you, be faithful to him always.

16. Love all. Be one with all. See the One in all.

17. Greet everyone as the Lord Himself. Feel the presence of the Lord everywhere.

18. Try your best to make others, as well as yourself, better, wise and happy.

19. Spiritualise all your activities.

20. If you are truthful and pure in your daily life, you will inherit the Kingdom of God.

21. Soak your life with remembrance of Lord. Dedicate your all to Him. See Him in everyone.

22. Do Japa. Sing Kirtan. Do charity. Practise meditation. Realise Atmic Bliss. May God bless you.

23. All are manifestation of the Lord. It is a shameful slur (slur) on you if you bear a grudge or ill-will towards anybody.

24. Do not hate the evil-hearted, the jealous and the selfish. It is they who promote your salvation.

25. Disharmony of thought, word and deed is the cause for all troubles miseries and quarrels in this world.

26. During illness, detach yourself from body. Connect the mind with the Budhi and Soul "As you think, so do you become." Therefore, assert you are healthy. Disease will take to its heels.

(Voice of the Himalayas)