Of the 200 books that have been written by Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj which is the one that will be most widely read, constantly studied and adopted as a universal scripture? Surely it is "Sivananda Vani".

For into it the Sage has poured his very heart, for the spiritual uplift of his ideal and beloved disciple, Shri Panna Lal of Amritsar. Every word that he has written in these personal notes on every aspect of Yoga Sadhana and spiritual life is applicable to every aspirant. This is a book specially written for you at the special request of one who is greatly interested in your spiritual welfare—Shri Panna Lalji.

Every line on each page is vibrant with the divine personality of the sage whose authoritative utterances are conveyed to you in his own handwriting. It is as though Bhagavan Sivananda addresses you in person; the message is implanted firmly in your heart.

As a scripture for your daily Swadhyaya, as a prop for your meditation, as a guide to your Sadhana,—no book is equal to this; hence this premises to be the greatest of Sri Gurudev’s works.

P.O. Shivananda Nagar.
11th July, 1957.
Holy Guru Purnima.