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EC5 Life
EC5 Life
Swami Chidananda
This booklet, which is a compilation of the words of wisdom spoken by revered Swami Chidanandaji on different occasions and at different times, deals with the subject of 'Life'. Our life is so near us, yet it has not been properly understood by us. In this booklet revered Swamiji tells us what life is and what the true purpose of life is. Like a revolutionary seer he boldly tries to change our view of life. He says that life is not a biological process. It is living in and for God. It is that state of existence which is upheld by sacrifice. He also says that daily life is not a humdrum repetition of daily chores, rather it is a test of inner sadhana. Read in this booklet what the science of living life is, what the basic truths of life are and what God wants us to achieve in our life. Read this booklet attentively. It will pave the path for transforming your human existence into a God-oriented purposeful life-useful to others.

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