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ES89 Wisdom Sparks
ES89 Wisdom Sparks
Swami Sivananda
This is a book meant for children and adults, the young and the old, men and women alike. The human touch in him coupled with his deep sagacity and impervious knowledge have proved to be such a beautiful combination of the relative and the superphysical characters that his writings are a joy to the sorrowful, a strength to the weak, an illumination to the ignorant. The blending of intelligence and feeling, a melting of the head and the heart, is a common feature found in these outflows of his blissful expressions. Human troubles are not alleviated through flowery speeches and subtle hairsplitting arguments, for the source of sorrow is rooted in the very make-up of the individual and not in his superficial coatings. The inner disease is not cured by washing the outer shirt. The root has to be dug out.

1. Poems

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