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ES21 Music as Yoga
ES21 Music as Yoga
Swami Sivananda
Anything Indian is spiritual and music is specially so. Our music is intended to enable the mind melt in the melody and since the Swaras have their own vibratory chords in the inner psychic centres - Chakras in the Sushumna, this Mano-laya at once releases the latent spiritual power and leads to blissful Samadhi. So we have an illustrious galaxy of saints as the foremost artists: Thyagaraja, Dikshitar, Shyama Sastrigal, Purandaradasa, Mira Bai, etc. It is hoped that this volume would enable the public and musicians to view music in the proper light as an Anga of Sankirtana Yoga, as an aid to the purification of the heart and as a Sadhana that leads to Bhava-Samadhi.

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