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EO22 Saint Sivananda
EO22 Saint Sivananda
In a very lively and spontaneous way the author Sivaprasad tells how he came in contact with Siva - Gurudev Swami Sivananda - or better how he fell in love with him. He tells us the story of Siva's life, how he came to Rishikesh, his life as a Tapasvin, the beginning of his mission and how Sivananda Ashram came into being where the great disciples and thousands of visitors from India and the world began to gather. In the chapters about his 'Writings' he first introduces the reader to Gurudev's magnanimous ideas and then gives a summary about his prinicipal books. This book was written in 1943, and we get a glimpse of Swami Sivananda in his fifties and before he became world famous.

1. Biography

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