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EO17 Sivananda: Poet, Philosopher and Saint
EO17 Sivananda: Poet, Philosopher and Saint
Smt. Savitri Asopa
Smt. Savitri Asopa was a Master of Philosophy and a very keen seeker after Truth. When she entered Ananda Kutir on 15th March 1954 and met Sri Swami Sivananda, her life changed from utter darkness into light and joy. She wrote this biography "moved by the sweetest and sublimest love of her Gurudeva". For her, only two things counted: one is a ceaseless striving from below and the other is the answer of unbounded love from above. The book gives a picture of the perfect Guru-Disciple Relationship - the divine guru and the gratitude and adoration of the disciple.

1. Biography

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