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EK39 True Spiritual Living (Vol. 2)
EK39 True Spiritual Living (Vol. 2)
Swami Krishnananda
This is Volume 2 of a series of twenty-five discourses that Sri Swamiji Maharaj gave during December 1975 and January 1976 to provide practical guidelines for those who wish to tread the spiritual path. The Kathopanishad speaks about the difficulty in treading the spiritual path and also the absolute necessity of wise guidance of a teacher (Katha 1.3.14). Arise, awake and having reached the great teachers, attain knowledge. Like the sharp edge of a razor is that path, difficult to cross, hard to tread, thus the wise say. In these discourses, Sri Swamiji Maharaj in his inimitable way guides the seekers to understand the path and helps them to unfold their inner potential by giving an in-depth analysis of the process of attaining Self-realisation. The second volume consisting of the remaining thirteen illuminating discourses is being released on November 19th 2015, the sacred occasion of the 14th Punyatithi Aradhana of Sri Swamiji Maharaj.
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