Date: July 20th 2014

Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


July 20th is the 51st Anniversary of the Punyatithi Aradhana (physical passing) of Gurudev Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj. In honour of this occasion, we uploaded an article by Sri Swami Chidananda titled "Guru Seva" at:

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Book Synopsis

Swami Sivananda, Our Loving Awakener
By Swami Chidananda

These are a number of talks and messages on Gurudev Swami Sivananda by Swami Chidananda. The first twelve were given during Gurudev's lifetime and the following 13 after his Mahasamadhi.

They show Swami Chidananda's exemplary, totally dedicated discipleship during 65 years and his untiring zeal and conviction of spreading his Master's teachings and the message of Divine Life during his Presidency of 45 years. Whatever he elaborates on and propagates in his discourses, that Swamiji himself was the best example of.

We are sure that all who read this book will be inspired to follow more ardently in Gurudev's and Swami Chidananda's footsteps and lead the Divine Life to the best of their abilities.

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GURU AND DISCIPLE: A correspondent wrote to the Master, "I wanted to take secret instructions from you and make you my Guru, but you say in your writings: 'You yourself are your Guru'. You also say that a Guru is essential for a man who has a desire to achieve salvation. Will you kindly explain which of the two is correct?

"I believe that a true Guru is next to God and as such cannot but give myself entirely to his mercy and guidance. I believe more in his mercy than in my own ability; and it is true indeed that a Guru can give more in a moment than what we can earn in years and lives. Actually my soul is craving for a Guru.

"You write: 'If you are a true disciple, you will find your Guru'. But I do not know how and when. I believe it is only the blessing hands of a Guru which can replace the finer and lurking cosmic desires with the divine vision of the Self.

"Please let me know what I must do in order to be a true disciple and how I can find my Guru. You know it is very difficult for me, having but little experience, to discriminate between a true Guru and a hypocrite. I am told that a Yogi can point out to an individual who his Guru is. May I pray and beseech you to guide me in this matter! Kind Swamiji, help me and enlighten me further."

"For a beginner on the spiritual path a Guru is quite necessary," the Master began in his reply. "When the mind becomes pure, the purified mind itself becomes the Guru. A Guru can clear doubts, show the spiritual path and inspire his disciple, but the rest of the work will have to be done by the aspirant himself. Self-reliance is necessary.

"Guru's Grace is very necessary. That does not mean that the disciple should sit idle. He must do rigid spiritual practices. All the work must be done by the student. These days people want a drop of water from the water-pot of a Sannyasin and desire to enter into Samadhi immediately. They are not prepared to undertake any spiritual practice for purification and Self-realisation. They want a magic pill to push them into the state of Samadhi. If you have any such delusion, give it up immediately.

"If you carry out all the instructions given in this letter then you will get a true Guru. If you implicitly obey the instructions of your Guru and engage in spiritual practices with interest and attention and please him through your Sadhana, you will obtain his Grace. What is wanted is rigid practice. Then alone will the Grace of the Guru, which is the same as the Grace of God, descend, and not by merely saying, 'I have accepted you as my Guru. Give me initiation and Mantra.'

"How to qualify yourself to be a disciple? Purify the mind. Develop Sattwic qualities such as nobility, courage, magnanimity, mercy, love, generosity and truthfulness, and eradicate all evil qualities such as lust, greed, anger, pride, likes and dislikes and avarice, which stand in the way of ethical perfection and Self-realisation. No amount of spiritual practice can be of any solid value to the aspirant if he ignores this side of his spiritual life.

"Love all, prostrate to everybody. Be kind to all. Utter sweet, loving and endearing words. Fail not to observe the vow of celibacy at any cost. One cannot progress on the path of spirituality if one does not preserve the vital fluid. Eradicate lust first. Develop devotion. This is indeed the first step before you approach a Guru.

"Carefully read this letter thrice. I am always at your service. Whenever you find any difficulty in the course of your spiritual practice you may write to me. Be sincere and earnest. If you follow all the instructions carefully you will attain everlasting bliss."

"The Lord is manifest in an exceptionally dense form in the Guru, in the Spiritual Preceptor who enlightens the disciple. That is why we are asked to worship the Guru as visible God. In Swami Sivananda, we have a universal Guru, a person who deserves to be worshipped by the entire universe." - Swami Chidananda

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