Date: July 21st 2013

Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


July 22nd is the holy celebration of Guru Purnima. In honour of this occasion we uploaded an article by Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji titled "The Glory of the Preceptor" at:

There is an inspiring discourse by Sri Swami Krishnanandaji titled "The Guru is a Super-Person" at:

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Book Synopsis

Guru-Bhakti Yoga
By Swami Sivananda

Just as Kirtan-Sadhana has been made the special Kali-Yuga Sadhana for quick God-vision, even so herein you have the New Yoga, a Yoga most eminently suitable for this age of doubt and scepticism, pride and egoism. It is Guru-Bhakti Yoga. This Yoga is marvellous. Its power is tremendous. Its efficacy is most unfailing. The true glory of GuruBhakti is indescribable. It is the Yoga par excellence for this age, which makes God appear here before you in flesh and blood and move with you in this very life. The hard Rajasic ego is the arch enemy of the Sadhaka. Guru-Bhakti Yoga is the surest and best Sadhana to destroy arrogance and to dissolve the vicious ego. Just as a particular deadly germ can be annihilated only by a certain specific chemical germicide, even so, to destroy Avidya and Ahankara, this unique Guru Bhakti-Yoga is the peerless specific. They are the gravest 'Mayacide' and 'egocide'. They become quite powerless and no longer afflict the fortunate soul who saturates himself with the spirit of GuruBhakti -Yoga. Blessed indeed is the man who earnestly takes to this Yoga; for he will obtain crowning success in all other Yogas. To him will accrue the choicest fruits of perfection in Karma, Bhakti, Dhyana and Jnana.

The qualification for taking to this Yoga is the simple trio of sincerity, faith and obedience. Be sincere in your aspirations for Perfection. Be not vague or half-hearted. Then have perfect faith in the one you have accepted as your Guru. Do not allow even so much as a shadow of doubt to approach you. When once you have reposed absolute faith in him, then know that what he instructs you is indeed for your highest good. Therefore, obey his word implicitly. Follow his teachings to the letter. Be earnest in doing thus, and take my word: you will attain Perfection; I assure you emphatically. -Sivananda

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TEST OF GOOD MEDITATION: A disciple once went to the Master's cottage feeling very elated. She had very deep meditation that day and with a smile went to him and prostrated.

He looked at her and asked, "You look very happy. What is the matter?"

"Yes, Swamiji. I meditated very well and am feeling very happy."

"So you imagine that you have achieved something today?"

"I do not know, Swamiji, I feel like this," said the disciple.

"No, do not be too sure. Now in this state go up to the Bhajan hall and, while going up, let your best and dearest friend, who admires and respects you at all times--let that person come unexpectedly and shower abuses on you. If you can keep up your happy mood at that moment, then feel that you have attained something, not until then."

"Vyasa, Nara-Narayana, Worshipful Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj are presences. A presence which is spiritual cannot vanish. It has to be there in one degree of its existence. When its physicality is invisible, it becomes more potent by the rarefied form it takes as a power and not merely a visible object." - Swami Krishnananda

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