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The Fifth Global International 24 Hour Non-Stop Japa Yajna of the
Sacred Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Om trayambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam
Urvaarukamiva bandhanan mrityor muksheeya maamritaat

A Fifth Global International 24 Hour Non-Stop Japa Yajna of the sacred Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra will be conducted on Saturday, July 12, 2003. This Japa Yajna is being offered for world peace, the spiritual upliftment of all mankind, and because it is eve of Guru Purnima, that we may all live in the light of the Guruís teachings. The timing for the Japa Yajna will be from 00.00 hours, July 12, 2003 until 24.00 hours, July 12, 2003, New York Daylight (EDT) Time. This is 9.30 A.M. July 12, 2003 to 9.30 A.M. July 13, 2003, Indian Standard Time. Branches, families or individuals may choose any time that suits them to chant the Sacred Mantra. If you have an Internet Connection, you may send your timing directly to Sri Anil Lundji whose e-mail address is If you do not have an Internet connection, please send your preferred timing again to The Divine Life Society Headquarters in Rishikesh and we will send the same to Anilji. Your timings will be posted on a 24 hour schedule in The Divine Life Society Maryland web site specified for this purpose. (

The Divine Life Society Maryland has received numerous e-mails from around the world expressing gratitude for organising this auspicious Japa Yajna of the sacred Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, and The Divine Life Society Headquarters fully endorses this noble undertaking. The root cause of all fear, sorrow and suffering, religious intolerance, terrorism and war is ahamkara or ego, which separates us from God and our fellow human beings. Coming togetheróto sincerely and earnestly pray for the welfare of allónot only benefits the world at large, but is a powerful weapon against our own selfishness and ego. Constant repetition of such prayer and the harbouring of positive thoughts towards all can bring about an inner transformation in the one who prays, so that one becomes a centre of peace and goodwill that radiates to all beings. Chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra will also be immensely beneficial to the participating individual devotee and can also finally grant liberation from the ego foreverówhich is the highest good than can be offered to all of mankind. We therefore hope that all Branches and devotees will fully participate to make this 5th Japa Yajna a grand success.

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