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Conversations with His Holiness Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj (June 1st, 2002)


After receiving so many requests from devotees from all around for letting them know about the conversations taking place everyday with Pujya Swamiji Maharaj in Dehradun, I spoke to Retired Brigadier Sri Laxminarayan Sabherwalji, an ardent devotee of Pujya Swamiji Maharaj since past 30 years or more. He is at present a Trustee of our Divine Life Trust Society. And has many experiences with Swamiji Maharaj. He resides here in Dehradun. Hence, he comes everyday here to be with Swamiji Maharaj. Upon this request he very kindly agreed to prepare and give me the conversations that take place and post it upon the website. We have started writing down whatever Swamiji Maharaj is talking about daily since 29th May. Right now we will remember and recollect whatever we can and write them down. But from 29th May we have started writing date wise. Hope This inspires you. May God Bless you! We have tried as best to remember and put whatever Swamiji Maharaj has said. So any grammatical, language or factual mistakes may be forgiven. Almost all the questions are asked by Sri Laxminarayanji. Our sincere thanks to him for helping us in this noble task.

Hari Om
In Service of the Master
Swami Yatidharmananda

Question: Swamiji, there is one thing you have completely ignored in life?

Swamiji: As He heard the above statement, he started pointing a finger at himself and said, "Yes, this body"

This is what Swamiji Maharaj told upon being asked about His present health condition.

Question: Swamiji how are you feeling after treatment and rest for last two months?

Swamiji: Skin condition improved 80 per cent after taking Dr. Mohan's homeopathic medicine.

Swamiji had developed a skin condition while he was in the Ashram which made him itch even while He was attending the morning meditation class in Rishikesh before coming to Dehradun.

Swamiji: Two months of bed rest has done me well as I have not had any problem of breathing due to the heart condition I had developed.

Swamiji: Biliousness is almost alright after taking some Ayurvedic Medicines. There is over all improvement except that there is weakness. My intake is, a glass of buttermilk in the morning and a small cup of curd and butter milk in the evening. I tried to take some vegetables but I felt heavy and gave it up.

Question: Swamiji your intake should be minimum 1200 calories where as you are not taking even 300 calories. You should start taking some juice and whatever suits your system.

Swamiji: Yes, I may start taking couple of spoon of Aanaar (Pomegranate) juice provided it is sweet.


Swamiji accepted the suggestion  to start walking and very gradually increase the distance now that the two months period of bed rest is over.

We were discussing the different type of grass that is generally used for lawns. As we were walking in the lawn after the discussion, I saw a type of Grass which Sri Swamiji had not seen earlier. I plucked one leaf of the grass and showed it to Sri Swamiji. He carefully examined it and said, "Now put it back from where you took it!"

You all can very well imagine my embarrassment. Then only it dawned upon me Swamiji's unity with the entire manifestation.

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